Trip Planning: The Perfect Way to List Gear

Recently, my friend Laurence from ‘The Weekly Cycle‘ introduced me to Bindle! It’s a site that allows you to “show and tell” your gear. I will be using this website to display all of my touring gear list ideas for bike travel!

Bindle is quite an apt name for describing what you will find in our bicycle panniers. If you aren’t aware of the definition, let’s get our friend dictionary.com to extrapolate the meaning:

–noun Slang
a bundle, usually of bedding and other possessions, carried by a hobo.

Although we are not ‘hobos’, we are carrying our houses on our bikes. Nomadic if you will. You can read more about bindle in this post written by one of the creators.

Here is an example of my “Touring Bike” bindle:

Sign up and share your bindles as well!