Cleaning Your Helmet… In the Shower!

It’s hard to find the time and space to wash things while you’re travelling. I get that. And of course it’s harder again when you’re travelling rough by bike. But you get used to not washing things (and your own scent) to the point where you start wearing your clothes a bit too long between washes. We’ve all been there.

The worst bit is that nobody says anything because they’ve only just met you, and they’re keen to avoid embarrassment at all costs. Locals, hosts and other travellers are just there trying to make the best impression they can – all they want is this encounter to be fun! But little do you know they’re actually telling themselves over and over to suck it up. In their brain box they’re actually counting down how long they have to endure your stench. One night only. One night only!

Ok, so we can avoid this situation and I’ll tell you how. There’s this great place to wash things that should seem obvious, but whenever I do tell people – I can almost see that lightbulb flickering above their heads!

It’s called the shower.

Helmets have got to be the most overlooked item of clothing when it comes to washing, despite being sweated into constantly and covered with grime. Shoes would have to be a close second (you know most shoes you can put in the washing machine?).

A great way to get your helmet clean is to take it with you into the shower. You can soap up your hands and give the pads, straps, clips and body a good ol’ scrub. While you’re at it though, how about cleaning the clothes you’ve just cycled in? It’s quick, it’s easy – it’s multitasking!

If you’re cycling constantly, try cleaning your helmet every week or so. The best bit is that you’ll prevent ‘helmet cordial’ aka salty drip from going into your eyes!