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100 Countries Cycled In 11 Years! The Bicycle Touring Career of Alee Denham (Interview)

Whichever country you pick on a map, the chances are Alee Denham has been there on his bike.

And not only that but over the last decade of travel he has also created one the most successful YouTube channels in the cycling space, as well as the CyclingAbout.com website that’s loaded with information on bikes, gear, setups, and more!

In EP.3 of the Rider’s Saddle, I sit down with Alee Denham at Eurobike to dive into his early life, what got him into bike travel, how he built his career, YouTube channel, and website, and discuss his life lessons in detail.

0:00 – Intro
2:53 – Childhood in Australia
4:47 – Bicycle infrastructure & urbanism
12:35 – Biking as a sport
16:08 – Getting into travel
19:37 – First bicycle touring experience
22:55 – Cycling Europe to Australia
28:51 – Starting CyclingAbout
35:17 – Experimental years
43:01 – Cycling the Americas trip
48:35 – Grounded by COVID
54:56 – The CyclingAbout YouTube channel
1:01:10 – Will Alee ride forever?
1:04:40 – CyclingAbout Africa
1:11:40 – Travelling as a vegan
1:18:05 – Travelling with Laura
1:26:00 – How to travel long-term as a nomad
1:30:33 – Careers in bicycle touring
1:35:11 – What bike tech is Alee excited about?

Tristan Bogaard is the host of the Rider’s Saddle Podcast on YouTube. He can watch his full series HERE.

alee denham