22kg Gear List: CyclingAbout The Americas Over Three Years

This is my complete gear list for the next three years as I cycle from Argentina to Alaska.

– I intend to camp most nights, so I’ve packed to be self-sufficient for days on end.
– I’m not going as light as I can because I’m on the road for a long time.
– The temperature range is as wide as -20 to 40 degrees Celsius (-4 to 104f).
– I switched out my winter gear for summer gear through Central America (summer tent, mat, clothing is ~2.5kg less).
– You’ll notice I’m using a lot of computer/camera gear for your viewing and reading pleasure (23% of my gear weight)!
– Things that are crossed out I only sometimes I carry

Gear List: CyclingAbout The Americas

CLOTHING & SHOES: 3954 grams / 14% of total gear

gear list cyclingabout

Casual Shirt x2 – Shirts for cycling and generally looking rad – 240g + 255g
T-Shirt – For casual use off the bike – 137g
Down Jacket – To keep warm in temperatures below five degrees celsius – 693g
Rain Jacket – Used for both cycling and as an additional clothing layer – 199g
Shorts x2 – Cycling shorts that are also good for casual use and swimming – 174g + 204g
Pants – Rain and stain-resistant slim pants – 273g
Waterproof Pants – Just cheap plastic pants, nothing fancy – 167g
Underwear x3 – Obviously – 179g
Socks x2 – For both hiking and occasionally with my sandals – 94g
Beanie – For keeping my noggin happy – 120g
Casual Hat – A packable cap to keep the sun off my nose – 45g
Undershorts – Padded lycra shorts for additional comfort – 125g
SPD Sandals – The best shoes for bike touring, especially in hot conditions – 983g – Review HERE
Stuff Sack – Waterproof compression sack (everything clothes inside except down jacket) – 66g
Warm Socks – Thick socks I use just for sleeping – 83g
Winter Gloves – For sub-zero cycling temperatures – 103g
Running Shoes – For hiking and casual use – 693g
Waterproof Booties – I’ve opted for some very insulated booties for negative temperatures – 162g

TOILETRIES: 751 grams / 3% of total weight

gear list cyclingabout

Toothbrush & Case – Not the biggest fan of gingivitis – 34g
Floss – My dentist told me I had to – 14g
Toothpaste – Lubricant for my toothbrush – 40g
Deodorant – To prevent people from running away when I approach – 50g
Towel – In the pursuit of dryness – 140g
Exfoliating Glove – For baby soft skin – 13g
Shaving Razor + Blades – To look respectable when I’m shaking hands with presidential figures – 34g
Tweezers – Less monobrow, more eyebrow – 8g
Lip Balm – Chapped lips suck – 10g
Sun Cream – Opting out of skin cancer – 50g
Nail Clippers – Imagine my nails otherwise – 15g
Electric Beard Trimmer – Trying not to look too homeless – 170g
Toiletries Case – A home for the above – 173g

CAMERAS AND ELECTRONIC GEAR: 5174g / 23% of total gear

gear list cyclingabout

MacBook Pro 13″ Laptop + Charger – Something powerful for video editing – 1370g + 243g
Panasonic G9 Camera with 14-140mm Lens (Not Pictured) – So that you can see what I see in 4K – 899g
GoPro Hero 6 Action Cam + Chest Strap – POV footage and it will allow me to film myself in hectic storms – 345g
DJI Mavic Air Drone + 3X Batteries + Charger – Aerial shots! – 430g + 420g + 400g
Rode SmartLav Microphone – A separate microphone for sound recording – 17g
96gb of SD Cards – Enough storage for a bunch of GH4 footage – 3g
96gb of MicroSD Cards – Enough storage for long GoPro scenes – 3g
1TB HDD – Weekly computer backups – 226g
Camera Chargers and Spare Batteries – Needed with the camera – 130g (G9 x1) + 86g (GoPro x2)
Gorillapod DSLR Tripod – As I’m riding solo I need a tripod to take shots – 183g
iPhone + Charger + Case – My navigation device, podcast player, a place for my apps and note keeper – 190g
Headphones – Podcasts, audiobooks, music – 20g
eReaderKindle Paperwhite – 209g

SLEEPING GEAR: 4252 grams / 20% of total gear

gear list cyclingabout

Mont Moondance 2FN Tent – Freestanding tent with nylon inner – 1964g
Macpac Sleeping Bag + Sheet + Drybag – Is maybe just be warm enough in the mountains with all of my clothes on – 1102g
Sea-To-Summit Comfort Plus Mat – The most comfortable mat, like sleeping on a cloud – 1030g
Exped Air Pillow – I love the shape and feel of this insulated blow-up pillow – 74g
Head Torch – For seeing in the dark – 82g

COOKING GEAR: 1468 grams / 7% of total gear

gear list cyclingabout

MSR Whisperlite Stove + Bottle – My multifuel stove of choice – 483g – Review HERE
MSR Quick 2.5L Pot – I don’t know how people get away with anything smaller – 264g
MSR Quick Dry Plate – I’ve used these for years; they’re the best in the business – 64g
KeepCup – A mid-sized cup that suits all beverages – 47g
Airspresso Coffee Maker – Delicious, strong, morning caffeine hits – 206g – Review HERE
Kitchen Bag – The package for all my kitchen bits and pieces – 79g
Detergent Bottle – Squeaky clean dishes – 47g
Cutlery Bag, Fork, Spoon, Knife – Titanium, of course – 83g
Chopping Board – This small GSI board is a great plate and place to cut veggies – 71g
Cigarette Lighter – Let’s get that stove going while I’m freezing on the altiplano – 20g
Pocket Knife – Mostly use this thing for the pliers, scissors and the bottle opener – 56g
Universal Silicone Plug – These are super handy for all sinks – 25g
Dish Cloth – A quick scrub – 6g
Steel Wool – I burn things to my pot all the time – 18g

TOOLS, SPARES, ESSENTIALS: 2753g / 13% of total gear

gear list cyclingabout

Daypack – Storing my laptop when riding and for hiking adventures – 450g
Wallet – For cards and cash – 50g
Passport – You need this for international travel – 65g
Sunglasses – Let’s keep light and dust out of my eyes – 28g
Topeak Road Morph Pump – Seriously, there is no better pump – 208g – Review HERE
Multitool – This one does most things mediocrely – 159g
Tyre Levers – The Park Tools levers are great – 24g
Spare Tubes x2 – The more you carry, the less you get punctures – 182g
Spare Belt – I’m not planning on snapping a belt, but just in case – 60g
Spare Brake Pads x2 – So that I can stop coming down the monstrous Andean mountains – 38g
Rohloff Hub Oil and Cleaning Fluid – For regular oil changes on my internal geared hub
Patch Kit + Tyre Boots – 12 pre-glued patches and 2 boots – 8g
Bike Lock and Case – Theft prevention 101 – 1149g – My lock guide is HERE
Helmet – The Abus Airbreaker helmet helps with aerodynamics in headwinds – 200g
Water Filter – Sawyer squeeze bags are time-consuming but effective – 133g

LUGGAGE: 4446g / 20% of gear total

Handlebar Bag – My office and place for camera and electronic bits – 600g
Front Pannier Set – Waterproof and reliable Ortlieb bags – 1440g
Rear Pannier Set – Ortlieb bags are the shit – 1680g
Rackpack BagA 31L drybag for the top of my rear panniers – 726g

GEAR TOTAL: 22.80kg / 50.27lbs

gear list cyclingabout

***Will be putting together a medical kit in South America with a selection of bandages, painkillers, throat-spray, gastro-stop and rehydration tablets.

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