Battery Pack Recommendations for Keeping Your Devices Charged

If you have regular access to power, a dynamo hub or solar charger isn't that necessary, but how about a big battery? There are enough wall plugs in the world (even in the most remote regions) that we could've easily lived without our dynamo hub. Batteries are small and light enough these days to keep your devices going between wall plugs.

Some of these battery packs will connect directly to dynamo hubs or solar panels, holding saved power for when you need it most.

This is an excerpt from The Ultimate Power Resource for Bicycle Touring. If you're interested in solar panels, dynamo hubs and power supplies, make sure to take a look at our resource.

Battery Pack Recommendations

Note: There are lot and lots of external batteries available, but these are from the larger brands with a more established reputation. Please check for connectivity to solar panels.

Anker – Well priced products with batteries ranging in size from 2600-20000mAh.

Brunton Impel/Sustain – Super well made products with a power capacity ranging from 2800-13000mAh. Slightly more expensive than the competitors, but they are worth it. Check out the small waterproof battery!

Energenie – Decent products available with between 1800-20000mAh juice.

Hyperjuice – Big batteries for laptop charging: 60-222Wh power, but all this comes at a cost (360-2130g weight). This is the system we would use if we needed to use a laptop in remote areas.

Innergie – A nice looking range of products for laptops and USB devices.

Just Mobile – A cheap, punchy 5200mAh option in a small casing.

Mophie – From the makers of iPhone battery cases, these products range from 4000-6000mAh and are of a great quality.

Powertraveller – A good range of external battery products for everything from phones to laptops.

PP+ SIC – Although a power supply, we've included this great cable in the battery section because it holds a satisfactory 2200mAh of power. Here's our REVIEW.

PP+ V4i – It is possible to buy the V4i without the dynamo cable, however we feel it is a bit expensive to use just as a battery. 6700mAh of power. Here's our REVIEW.

Scosche – The goBAT II is a nice looking 5000mAh battery that is available at a great price!

Veho Pebble – Very well priced and shiny black 5000mAh battery!

Voltaic – Neat products at a great price. 3000-16000mAh is available for USB devices. Their large laptop battery is 60Wh.

Have you used a battery we've missed?

  1. PowerPond (Look East) makes a 40,800 mAh battery that does up to 21V so you can use it for your phone and laptop, even at the same time. They are cheap too. I just get whatever is cheapest per mAh. A point to consider is charing time.
    If it’s a low voltage model i.e. it only charges through USB a 20,000 mAh
    Battery can take 16 hours to charge. A battery that you can.charge with your laptop charger is recommended. Same charge in just 4 hours or so.

  2. Which one would you suggest to use to be be charged by the Supernova The Plug. I’ve had a hell of a time trying to find one that can be charged by The Plug that is on less expensive side. The Supernova/Cinq5 power pack is a bit too high at $100 USD. Especially since I’ve already spent a lot on The Plug.

  3. Has anyone successfully used an external battery like these with The PlugIII USB charger connected to 3W/6V Shimano Dynamo?

  4. Battery tech. is changing so fast that it’s hard to keep up. Study up on USB 3 Fast Charge and companies that are taking advantage of it.

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