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Eurobike 2019: Bikepacking and Bicycle Touring Mega Gallery

Here’s your Eurobike 2019 round-up!

Eurobike is the world’s biggest bicycle trade show, and today we’ll be taking a look at all the bike adventure gear that was on display, along with all of the touring and bikepacking rigs. And there’s a lot of them, so get ready…

A special thanks to reader Marco de Wit for running around and taking these great photos while I’m cycling through Costa Rica. This event coverage wouldn’t be possible without him!


Acepac had a slimmed-down display compared to other years (trade shows are expensive!). The bags on show were also a little more muted compared to the blues, greens, reds and camos of previous years.
Acepac offers their bikepacking bags in lots of different sizes depending on your intended use.

Argon 18

Argon 18 had their Dark Matter gravel bike at the show. This carbon rig has clearance for 45mm tyres and I really like the 3D Plus headset cap system (under the black spacers) that allows you to swap 0mm, 15mm and 30mm spacers up the front of the bike for a super clean look.


The Blackburn Outpost and Outpost Elite (waterproof) bags were displayed on a Look 765 Gravel RS. The Outpost Elite offers great value-for-performance compared to similar bikepacking offerings.


Brooks has recently released some rubber bar tape to go with their non-leather series of saddles.
The full Cambium range is very neat and these days come in many classy colours.

Cane Creek

The anodizing on these Cane Creek eeWings titanium cranks are a bit of a showstopper! I think I need some…


EVOC only announced their bikepacking bags a few weeks ago. Their bags are not large, so these will be more interesting for ultra-riders or folks looking to tuck a new bag somewhere small.
The 1, 2 or 3 litre seat packs use a Boa cable system to attach to the seatpost and two velcro straps for the saddle rails.
The 2.5 or 5 litre handlebar packs have a single Boa dial to adjust both handlebar straps.
The EVOC bags are all considered ‘water-repellent’, so it’ll be interesting to see how wet they can get before your gear is soaked.
eurobike 2019 To finish off the ensemble EVOC also makes small frame bags and top tube bags (with a neat cable port for electronics).


The Extrawheel trailers are getting better by the year. The idea behind this trailer design is that they’re easy to pack for flying, you can use the trailer’s wheel as a replacement front wheel and the large wheel diameter means the trailer gets less ‘caught’ on bumps.
A fat bike trailer was recently announced, which will be great for epic desert crossings (hopefully I don’t get too many ideas).

FollowMe Cargo

The Fritz Cargo trailer from last year has been renamed to FollowMe Cargo.
It’s as light as 3.6kg in the SL version and 5.4kg in the regular. It connects directly to a QR rear axle but there are thru-axle adapters available.

Gentle Tent

I’ve seen concepts for ‘micro caravan’ tents before, but I didn’t know there were any in production!
The B Turtle has you covered though. Literally. This two-person tent is erected in 10 minutes using an electric pump. You can now buy it for an eye-watering 3000 euros!


Giro has been busy expanding their shoe range to suit casual mountain biking, touring and bikepacking.


Announced three years ago, Kindernay were finally ready to bring their 14 speed gearhub to Eurobike.
The Kindernay XIV is a modular system. The ‘gearbox’ is able to be removed from the wheel so that it can be installed on multiple bikes with different wheel and tyre dimensions. This means you could have a touring bike, mountain bike, folding bike and fat bike all running the same gearhub. Kinda cool! You can read my resource about this hub HERE.


2020 Kona Libre AL
The 2020 Kona Libre AL is a 6061 aluminium version of their popular off-road carbon adventure bike. Unfortunately, it’s only available in Europe (for now); it’s priced at £1800/1900€.
The 2020 Kona Sutra LTD is looking great! You can read about the details of this bike HERE.


One of the more unique bikes at the show is this aluminium step-through KTM gravel bike. Pretty cool that it’s spec’d with the new Shimano GRX groupset (more below).
A drop bar version of the gravel bike was also set up.
Along with a road/commuter edition complete with fenders and a rear rack!


The Look 765 Gravel RS was unveiled a few months ago. It’s super light (sub-1600g frameset) and it’ll fit 27.5×2.2” (or 700x40mm) tyres if rough roads are your jam! Quite a versatile bike from a brand that’s usually quite narrow in their focus.

Lotus Bags

This is the first I’ve heard of Lotus Bags. It looks like they do every kind of bike bag imaginable.
The seat packs are stabilized and the cargo cages look gigantic!


This 2020 Marin Pine Mountain eBike is fitted up with 27.5+ tyres, a 120mm fork, a dropper post and ample frame mounts. This prototype Apidura frame pack looks super interesting too…
The 2020 Marin Pine Mountain 2 steps up to 29×2.6″ tyres, a 120mm fork, a dropper post and so MANY mounts. It’s priced really well at US $2099.
eurobike 2019
The Marin Nicasio Plus is a steel gravel bike running 650B wheels and an 11-46t cassette. All for US $899!
Eurobike 2020
Stepping up to US $1575 gets you the steel Marin Nicasio 2, with a full-carbon fork and Shimano Tiagra groupset.
2020 Marin Four Corners
The 2020 Marin Four Corners remains mostly unchanged and is US $1099.


Maxx had a top-of-the-line Pinion 18-speed touring bike with a belt set up.
Eurobike 2019
And another touring bike with a Rohloff 14-speed hub and belt drivetrain.


eurobike 2019
Why not fit some panniers onto your super fancy Nicolai eBike so you can go on adventures!?
eurobike 2019
This Nicolai Pinion gravel bike was looking super neat.


The Niner MCR 9 RDO full suspension gravel bike is shipping in November! Incredibly, the linkages work with front derailleurs and the bike will squeeze in 50mm tyres in 650B or 700C.
eurobike 2019
The Niner RLT9 steel now has 2.0″ tyre clearance, cargo cage fork mounts and frame eyelets for an upcoming bolt-on frame bag.


Jonas Deichmann’s Curve GXR titanium bike was decked out with an Ortlieb bikepacking ensemble.
Ortlieb is using clear windows on many of their bags so you can easily find what you need.


Poison makes lots of bikes, but their titanium Argentum model with Pinion 18s gearbox is easy on the eyes.
The Poison Cyanit Randonneur was fitted up with front and rear Tubus racks in a matching colour.


Redshift Sports have done a lot of innovating over the years. The ShockStop stem uses elastomers to dampen vibrations coming up from the road.
The ShockStop suspension seatpost has a pretty nifty design too and will be available soon. There’s even a dropper seatpost WITH suspension in the works!
The Redshift Kitchen Sink has multiple ergonomic grips built into it, along with an aero section.


The Restrap panniers are looking pretty classy.
The olive green, in particular, is both elegant yet modest.
Restrap is now making cargo cage / fork bags too.
And a nice 4L seat pack.
There are some race bags in the works though… keep an eye out.


The Ridley Kanzo has big clearance (700x47C or 27.5×2.0″) and lots of mounts for gravel adventures.


Roswheel has been showing some great value bike bags in recent years. They split their bag categories up into “road”, “off-road” and “tour”.
The tour bags are paired with the Roswheel racks.
The off-road series bags are stabilised with metal struts.
This Trek Crosscheck was decked out with the road series bags.
A Trek 920 with the tour series panniers.
And a Trek Procaliber was fitted with the stabilised off-road bags.


2020 Salsa Marrakesh
The 2020 Salsa Marrakesh range has a new model with Shimano Sora STI shifters. It’s coming with front and rear racks for US $1799.
eurobike 2019
This Salsa Warroad is decked out with matching Salsa bikepacking bags.


eurobike 2019
The new Schwalbe G-One UltraBite offers a very aggressive grip for gravel riding, in either 40mm or 2.0″ widths.
The Schwalbe Almotion gets a new tread to make it more suitable for the gravel (perhaps Schwalbe have been watching me cross South America) and the Hurricane is super slick in the middle with small knobs on the sides.


Eurobike 2019
Shimano was showing off their new gravel groupset, the GRX. It’s available with smaller chainrings (48/31 tooth!) and better hand ergonomics for rougher trails. This bike was fitted with PRO bikepacking bags that were first shown last year.


eurobike 2019
The 2020 Surly Bridge Club also got an update with a new colour and a 1X version with 700x41C tyres as standard!


Thule were showing some updated panniers to suit their clip-on racks.


Here’s a random entry. 2x four-piston brakes = instant rear wheel lock up!


Topeak has added a few models to ensure they have all bag types available.
They’re now making Thule-style mini-racks that clip onto the fork or seat stays. You can then strap a dry bag to the top, or panniers to the sides.
A mountain bike with a full bag ensemble.
These cargo cages probably could’ve been set up a bit nicer…
This dropper seat pack has a very neat design!
A front clip-on rack running panniers.
A rear rack with the MTX style trunk bag that connects via a rail system.

Velo De Ville

Velo de Ville was showing a classic steel touring bike.


The VSF bikes continue to offer great value. This Shimano XT equipped ride (TX-800) is 1999 euros with Tubus racks, fenders and dynamo lights!
And the TX-400 is 1599 euros with a slightly lower spec.


Zefal is now making a monstrous top tube bag with a clear section for your phone. This is actually a pretty great place for a bag, as you can store food, electronics and valuables for easy access.
The top tube bag slots in with the other Zefal bikepacking bags first announced last year.

That’s It, Folks. Thanks Again To Marco For The Eurobike 2019 Pics!

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