609,000km, 195 Countries and 78 Territories: The Incredible Life of Heinz Stücke

Between 1962 and 2010, Heinz Stücke cycled more than 609,000 kilometres (378,000 mi) and visited 195 countries and 78 territories. He is indisputably the most accomplished bike traveller ever. Can you imagine not going home for 50 years?!

I don’t know how much of the Earth I will have covered in 50 years, but I do know that a documentary celebrating Heinz’ life is in production and is being funded HERE. Your support will help celebrate the incredible life of Heinz.

The Kickstarter rewards are as follows:
– Two tickets for the premiere in Barcelona, with the presence of the director and the film team
– Logo in the final credits
– A photo made and signed by Heinz during his trips around the world
– A1 map scanned from the Heinz original with Heinz’ marked routes
– A3 poster from the cover of the documentary
– Name in the acknowledgements

Heinz has already lived the ridiculous dream I’m following but in a completely different era. I personally can’t wait to watch the finished product.

2020 Update: There is a new film teaser HERE