List of XXL Touring Bikes for Tall Cyclists: 62cm, 63cm, 64cm

Given that I’m nudging 200cm, I find it hard to get a bike big enough without resorting to custom made frames. In light of this, I’ve put this touring bike resource together to help out fellow XXL and 3XL riders. Please let me know if you’re aware of other bike manufacturers who make XXL touring bikes.

But first, let’s take a look at a few things you’ll want to consider before buying your bike.

Hanging out with my 64cm Surly Long Haul Trucker in Germany.

Bike Fitting

I recommend getting a professional bike fit before buying a bike. At a cost of $100-500, a two or three hour consultation will have you set up perfectly on a stationary bike. The bike fitter will ask you questions like, what type of riding you do, how often you do it, and what your goals are.

The measurements that come out of your fit will allow you to be comfortable on your new bike, and provided you have stack/reach data, you’ll be able to use this resource to find your next bike!

The Specialized AWOL is one of the biggest off-the-shelf touring bikes available when you consider the frames stack and reach.

Stack and Reach

Although you will find bikes with what manufacturers tout as large sizes, not all bikes measure up. Just take a look below, some “60cm” frames can actually be larger than other “70cm” frames!

Stack and reach are the two measurements I use to compare bikes on an even playing field. They have their limitations, but are the best tool we have to compare frame sizing from various sources.

If you’ve got long legs for your height, you’re going to need to take a close look at the stack figures. With a high seatpost, you’ll most likely need a tall front end to match. Gunnar, Id Worx, Specialized, Soma and Salsa offer frames with big front ends (you can always run a longer stem to increase your reach).

You can read much more into frame geometry HERE.


Flat Bar Touring Bikes

You will notice that some of the bikes below are designed around flat handlebars. These frames often have longer reach, and a lower stack in order to accomodate the different ergonomics of flat handlebars. If you tried to fit a road handlebar to these bikes, you may find that the frame is too low for your needs.

XXL Touring Bike List in Reach/Stack Order

These are the largest touring bikes from manufacturers who had sufficient frame data on their website.

Surly ECR XXL (Flat Bar): Reach 448mm / Stack 643mm

Thorn Nomad 620L 26″ (Flat Bar): Reach 448mm / 591mm

Surly Troll XL (26″ Flat Bar): Reach 446mm / Stack 603mm

Traitor Slot XL (Flat Bar): Reach 443mm / Stack 626mm

KTM Life Lontano 60cm (Flat Bar): Reach 443mm / Stack 602mm

VSF FahrradManufaktur T-XXL 70cm (Flat Bar): Reach 437mm / Stack 658mm

Surly Straggler 64cm: Reach 432mm / Stack 641mm

Vivente World Randonneur XXL (Flat Bar): Reach 431mm / Stack 619mm

Velo Orange Campeur 63cm: Reach 420mm / Stack 633mm

MTB Cycletech XL: Reach 418mm / Stack 604mm

Stevens Camino 23″ (Flat Bar): Reach 418mm / Stack 628mm

Specialized AWOL XL: Reach 413mm / Stack 667mm

Kona Sutra 61cm: Reach 407mm / Stack 627mm

Surly LHT 64cm: Reach 406mm / Stack 658mm

Van Nicholas Amazon 60cm (Flat Bar): Reach 406mm / Stack 648mm

Fuji Touring XXL: Reach 403mm / Stack 610mm

All City Space Horse 61cm: Reach 403mm / Stack 636mm

Columbus Rohre CrMo 65cm: Reach 402mm / Stack 658mm

Wayward Nullabor 60cm: Reach 402mm / Stack 612mm

Id Worx All Rohler 64cm (Flat Bar): Reach 402mm / Stack 702mm

Soma Saga 62cm: Reach 398mm / Stack 655mm

Cielo Tanner Goods 61cm: Reach 397mm / Stack 654mm

Ridgeback Panorama 60cm: Reach 396mm / Stack 618mm

Gunnar Grand Tour 68cm: Reach 392mm / Stack 707mm

Jamis Aurora 62cm: Reach 392mm / Stack 631mm

Trek 520 60cm: Reach 392mm / Stack 625mm

Salsa Fargo XL: Reach 391mm / Stack 683mm

Co-Motion Pangea 62cm (26″): Reach 390mm / Stack 603mm

Cinelli Bootleg Hobo XXL: Reach 387mm / Stack 619mm

KHS TR101 L: Reach 387mm / Stack 594mm

Salsa Vaya 60cm: Reach 385mm / Stack 661mm

Rocky Mountain Sherpa XXL: Reach 379mm / Stack 622mm

Brodie Elan 60cm: Reach 375mm / Stack 641mm

Koga Randonneur 63cm (Flat Bar): Reach 372mm / Stack 607mm

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