Make a homemade hot water bottle with a plastic Nalgene bottle and a sock

Make A Hot Water Bottle For Cold Nights

When it is cold, it can be hard to sleep. We've been stuck during winter in the snow with our warm weather suited gear and trust us, sleeping isn't pleasant. Sometimes we've even stayed at cheap hotels without heating, and that isn't conducive to a good nights rest either.

But not to worry, we use a hot water bottle to keep warm during these chilly times.

You will need:

– A Nagine Bottle (or any other hardy plastic container capable of holding boiling water)

– A really thick sock (we use our Sealskinz waterproof socks)

The Thing to Do Now…

Boil some tap water on your stove, fill up your bottle and wrap it up in your thick sock.

Give your bottle a good hug for us! We like making sure our feet and hands are warm prior to sleeping…

Not only will this hot water bottle keep you warm at night, but once the water is cooled you'll be able to drink it in the morning.