Review: Gates Carbon Belt Drive CDC (Tandem)

When we purchased our tandem, the CDC design was the only belt available. From around 1000km the belt made noise, which has been a problem for some, and not for others. Over time it became apparent that this product was not cut for extended bicycle touring, as it only lasted us 2000km worth of riding before the rear chainrings' teeth had become so worn that the belt literally wouldn't sit on it!

Gates looked after us and replaced our belt with their latest Centertrack tandem kit, which after the same distance has not caused us any grief, nor is showing any signs of wear. Read the standard Centertrack review HERE and the Centertrack review for tandems HERE.

The why:

– Given that Gates have brought out the Centertrack drivetrain for tandems, there is no reason you'd buy this product

– Gates looked after us with their warranty, and upgraded us to their Centertrack kit

The why not:

– We only got 2000km out of our tandem drivetrain before the belt would no longer sit on the chainrings properly

– Given that it is almost impossible to get the two chain rings to run perfectly circular on the crank spider, the high tension required for the belt leaves some very tight spots, possibly leading to our excessive wear

– Finicky to set up and get lined up perfectly


$350 USD for the drivetrain

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