Review: Topeak Road Morph Pump

I talked about the Exped Air Pillow being my favourite bit of camping gear. Well, let me introduce to you my favourite bit of bike gear!

During my first year at the Tour de Timor, I spent all of one afternoon offering to pump up peoples tyres for them. Some would pull out a track pump they’d lugged from the other side of the world, but I’d smile and show them the Topeak Road Morph pump! Why was I so excited about pumping up peoples tyres? Well, I was struggling to comprehend how quick and easy it was to pump tyres upto their recommended maximum pressures, so I had to do it over and over. The Road Morph is so innocently small but was capable of pumping up tyres at roughly twice the time of an ordinary track pump! If a track pump is 10 times its size, does that make the Road Morph five times awesomer?

Price: $69 AUD

Weight: 247g
Size (LxW): 22cm x 3cm

Pros: Most powerful hand pump I’ve come across, pumps car or presta valves, easy to use pump head, accurate pressure gauge, gets to the pressure you require without fuss.
Cons: Weight and size could be considered a downfall to this pump, however considering how well this pump operates, I do not consider these a downfall.

I love topping up my touring bike tyres all the time. They go down at a pretty slow rate, but even putting 10psi in makes me feel as if I can now ride faster! I am definitely a sucker for whatever can make me a fraction faster, or my journey a fraction easier.

The Topeak is a really well constructed and designed pump. The magic is in the footpeg, which drops down and allows you to out your body weight into the pump action – just like a floor pump. It uses a hose which means that you will no longer snap or damage your valves. Once you’ve pushed the head of the pump onto the valve, you quickly lift a lever and the pump securely holds onto the valve until you lift the lever back up and release. The pump head is switchable between presta and car valves, and replacement parts are available to ensure that the head gets a good grip on your valve!

The gauge seems to be very accurate, at least against my expensive track pumps gauge. The pump is said to go to 160psi, but most of the time I’m pumping between 30-120psi.

There are other options out there, but save yourself the trouble. My Topeak Road Morph has been going for a good five years now, and doesn’t want to slow down. I cannot recommend a pump more highly than this beast!

Now that we have an Airspresso, I HAVE to use the pump everyday to make our coffee. What a disaster! 🙂



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