Save Weight: Replace Glass with Plastic

We love cooking our own food, and we also love eating a variety of meals. This unfortunately means cycling up and down every hill with more sauces and spices than almost any cycle tourist we know!

Most good quality sauces and spices come in glass containers. If we carried every spice we had in it's little glass bottle Tan-nay-nay would probably crumble beneath us.

Which brings us to our travel tip: replace your glass bottles with plastic!

Save Weight: Replace Glass with Plastic
An example of the plastic containers we use to replace glass

Our salt is kept in a plastic peanut butter container, our vegetable oil in a fruit juice bottle and our kindly donated Nando's sauce and Peri-Peri spices (thanks Bernard and Siti) in yogurt bottles.

The glass often weighs FOUR TIMES the weight of the product inside, so we figure we save kilos just by offloading our glass.

How do you keep your food organised on tour?