Surly Releases 8-Pack and 24-Pack Porteur Front Racks

Surly just dropped some new porteur-style cromo front racks. As far as I’m aware they will only mount to Surly forks given the fork crown eyelets required for the fit.

Surly Porteur Racks

Porteur racks are great for carrying objects that would never sit well in panniers. Perhaps a watermelon, lots of beers, a camera tripod or just a rucksack. The 8-Pack utilises a 160x270mm tray, while the 24-Pack has an expansive 400x270mm tray. They both utilise stainless steel hardwear and are adjustable enough to get them as low or high as you like. They are 640g and 860g respectively.

Surly 8 Pack 01

Surly 8 Pack 02

Surly 24 Pack 03

Surly 24 Pack 01

Surly 24 Pack 02

I’ve never been a huge fan of the Surly Front Cargo rack due to it’s hefty weight, but these new porteur racks work out a bit more reasonable. If you combined a Tubus Duo front rack with a Surly 8-Pack you’ll have the same functionality as the Surly Cargo rack, albeit with a tidy weight saving! Check it out…

Both racks can carry up to 30lbs (13.6kg) and are available in black or silver. The retail is US $110 on the 8-Pack and US $150 on the 24-Pack. They’re available early-2016.

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