Ten Reasons Why I Want to Live in Innsbruck

Travelling around the world isn't my only ambition on this tour. I am also writing about cities and discovering places where I would really like to live one day.

Innsbruck, Austria has met my expectations as a place I would like to live. The immediate vibe from the town was good, and I must admit, the mountainous backdrop probably pushes it over the line. So far I can see myself living in Freiburg or Innsbruck in the future, for more or less the same reasons as set out below.

It's a small city

Small cities have everything that the bigger cities have, except with less of the same. In my experience, people are typically more friendly and there often seems to be a greater sense of community. Small cities are easy to navigate, are traffic free and also have a closer relationship with the surrounding environment. That is why I'd like to one day move away from the 4million inhabitants of Melbourne into a smaller, more community-orientated place (for a while!).

Young and Adventurous Vibe

Innsbruck hosts a few universities in town which produces a somewhat young and relaxed vibe. Innsbruck is generally fun and laid back, experienced though the diverse arts and culture of the cafes, bars and public places to enjoy your day.

With the Alps so close, there are also people in adventure gear, getting active everywhere. There is nothing cooler than seeing someone walking along, draped in hiking gear and old enough to be your great-grandparent. Just seeing this makes me want to be more active!

Mountains and the natural environment on your doorstep

The hiking around Innsbruck was wonderful. You can catch a train, bus or chairlift to any of the endless trails around town! It doesn't take much at all to escape the cosy cafes and be amongst the pristine environment.

Centre of Europe

I love to travel. I have really only had a small taste of the European life on the few trips I've made here. Innsbruck and Freiburg are really central in Europe – you can head in any direction and find a new place within hours!

Cycling: Mountain and Road Bikes

One of my addictions is mountain biking. From what I've heard the riding here is phenomenal! I'd love to drop back and ride up many of the various mountains on offer!


I love getting away from city life and into the natural environment. Hiking trails are littered everywhere and in every direction. You can walk for one hour or one week – the Alps are amazing!


Ok, so I'm actually not much of a skier, however I've always wanted to be! I love the idea of hiking to far away places hidden behind the mountains and skiing back. That would be amazing.

Creative Community

You walk around the streets and see public art and cute little shops. Creative communities feel more welcoming and the people often have a greater sense of pride. In addition, creative communities are incubators for endless events and activities to do.

Beautiful Streets

The buildings are colourful and ornate. There are pedestrian malls in every direction. Planter boxes grow colourful flowers on every window ledge of every building. The streets are in tact. There are people everywhere. Innsbruck's streets are a nice place to be.

Gliders and Jets

I've been watching the gliders around Innsbruck spiral over my head, soaring to within metres of the sheer cliffs surrounding the city. That is something I'd like to do one day – I must learn how to fly myself. No engine noise, just wind and wings. I've also been watching the fighter jets taking off from the Innsbruck airport and for me, not much compares to the deep gut-moving vibrations produced by a jet engine that powerful.


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