Twin Rooms: Turning Single Beds into Double

If you have ever used basic accommodation like us, you will find that cheap hotels can sometimes offer only 'twin' rooms (ie. two single beds) rather than a 'double' – even for couples. Having a hotel with a supply of twin rooms gives the hotel the most flexibility for their clients.

But twin rooms can be annoying for couples who sleep together every night.

We generally don't use the hotel bedding in cheap hotels because it is not always long enough to cover my feet, it is not always hygienic and it is harder to predict the night room temperature / how well the bedding will keep us warm. As a result, our zip-together sleeping bags are the choice of champions!

Make a Double Bed!

Twin Rooms: Turning Single Beds into Double

We've found the best way to turn two singles into a double is with blankets. We pull the beds together, keeping them as close as possible. We then use the blankets supplied to fill the void, rolling them into a nice shape and stuffing them between. We cover the bed with a blanket or sheet to finish.

This trick seems to create a good enough double to get a good nights sleep.