Space: Trust us, you don’t need it

It amazes me how little space we can live with. Our tents total footprint isn't more than a few square metres, yet we always find ways to make our space more liveable.

The easiest way to create space is to have less stuff; an essential move for Alleykat when we have to carry every gram over every mountain we ride.

The next step is to manage, organise and clean your space. Everything we own has it's own spot. When we have limited space (tent), we only get out the things we use regularly. We are always highly organised with our things, packing them up after every use – because we have to.

The more space that we have and live with, the more space we use. It's amazing how we can always find ways to fill space, even with our mere 40kg of everything.

Staying in hotels recently has increased our space available by 10 fold!

And what have we done with all of this newfound space?

Sprawled our gear everywhere, making sure to fill every nook and cranny. We become lazy. We don't pack all our cooking gear into its bag after we've used it, we instead keep everything sitting around because we can.

What can we all learn from this?

Let this be a life lesson.

You don't need that space.

The more space you have, the more you will use and spread your stuff over, and the less you will manage and clean. You will even buy more to make sure that your space is filled… it is crazy.

Instead, learn to live smarter and live with less, in less!


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