Video: Chloe’s First Overnight Bike Trip

I decided to vlog an overnight bike trip with my friend Chloe. This video style is a lot more raw than usual, with good insight into what it’s like to conduct a trip like this. Chloe is not a cyclist, so I’m super impressed with how well she did!

DIXXY https://soundcloud.com/dixxy-2/chillin
MILAN EDEN https://soundcloud.com/edengarden
KRUPA https://soundcloud.com/prodkrupa

  1. Great video Alex. Chloe did a great job of it – even if she did kinda complain a lot – although I’m sure it was not real complaining otherwise she would have aborted the trip. My message to Chloe is you did a great job of this trip, so plan more that you can enjoy – perhaps initially in Spring when the weather improves?? Great pics of gran – love you lots! Lorelle

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