Bike Touring Gear List: Touring Bike

Found above is our Bindle! It is very simple to use:

– You can click on any of the products in the Bindle to display product information
– You are able to zoom in, by using the slider at the bottom of the Bindle window
– You are able to drag about the screen once you are zoomed in
– Click on the Bike Touring Gear List: Touring Bike button to find out why we carry these items as well as their weights and prices.

Note: To give you an indication of what can come along on tour, this list is more comprehensive than needed for most trips. Gear is of course selected based on where I am going and for how long. It is also not the gear per rider, as there are lots of items that can be shared.

  1. Hey,
    This is an awesome site. Congratulations and thanks for sharing.

    I am heading off on a tour mid year with a friend and whilst I’ve done quite a bit of touring in the past, I’ve tended to ‘fly by the seat of my pants’. It’s my mate’s first tour and so i am feeling the responsibility of making sure we prepare properly.

    So, your site appears to have it all as we begin to pull our tour together. Again thanks and great adventures to you on your next BIG tour.


    ps.Phil at BSC Elizabeth Street referred me to you. Went out for bread and milk this morning and came back with a Focus Maleta. As a consequence its goodbye to my Shogun Metro SE ’95 and the freedom of my Sunday milk bar run.

  2. Damn that Phil guy, always selling nice bikes!
    Thanks for the feedback, Trevor! The sites still a big work in progress, so make sure you drop back regularly. I plan on writing a bit more about everything we take on tour in the Bindles when I get the time!

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