Eurobike Coverage 2013: Bicycle Touring and Tandems

Firstly, I would like to award a special Alleykat prize to our favourite bit of touring bike gear at Eurobike 2013:

Ortlieb High Visibility Bike Panniers

Ortlieb high visibility bike panniers

These new panniers employ not only a high visibility colour, but reflective yarn is interwoven into the thick Cordura material of the bag. The result? They effectively glow at night under car headlights or maybe even a full moon! Just like everything Ortlieb these bags are 100% waterproof, and as we’ve proven time and time again, they are durable enough for both your ride to work or a world tour! Available in your local bike shop soon.

Eurobike Gallery

Our good friend Mick was able to snap some pictures of the Eurobike highlights while we went hiking in Kyrgyzstan. Thanks Mick – you rock!


Famous for their saddles but Brooks also have a decent range of bags for cycle tourists too. Check out the new Gold Award winning ‘Cambium’ saddle. It’s design is the same as Brooks’ leather saddles, however it employs rubber as a replacement material and is covered with organic waterproofed cotton! The advantage? It feels and rides like a Brooks, but it’s waterproof: perfect for tropical regions where Brooks saddles age very quickly.

Brooks eurobike 2013
Brooks eurobike 2013
Brooks eurobike 2013 cambium c17
Brooks eurobike 2013 cambium c17

Busch and Müller

The usual cost effective but brilliant lighting and electrical gear from B&M.

Busch and muller eurobike 2013


Hiding in the Tout Terrain stand were these new Rohloff trigger shifters from Cinq5: one lever shifts up, and the other down. They are perfect for if you run a Rohloff with road handlebars. Available for 2014 in anodised silver, check out their catalogue HERE which also features the latest USB dynamo charging device, the Plug III.

Gates Carbon Drive

Now fits on all gear hubs. The maintenance free design is certainly our choice for bicycle touring on sealed roads. HERE is our 20000km review.

Gates carbon drive eurobike 2013

Gilles Berthoud

Classically designed French bike gear by GB. The bags aren’t to our taste, but the mudguards, seats and Rohloff shifter certainly are!

Gilles berthoud bike eurobike 2013
Gilles berthoud saddles eurobike 2013
Gilles berthoud mudflap eurobike 2013


Always nice and very ‘clean’ looking touring bikes at the idworx stand!

Idworx eurobike 2013


One day we’ll swing a leg over a Patria. We really like what this company does with their touring range, especially the Pinion 18s gearbox equipped model!

Patria eurobike 2013
Patria pinion gearbox eurobike 2013

Pinion Gearbox

We think Pinion has a place in the bicycle touring market. We still hope to review a Tout Terrain or Patria with the Pinion Gearbox soon! HERE is our write up on why we think Pinion is a good idea.

Pinion gearbox eurobike 2013
Pinion gearbox eurobike 2013
Pinion gearbox eurobike 2013
Pinion gearbox eurobike 2013

Rivet Cycle Works

Kat owned a Rivet saddle which she quite liked, although we swapped it out for a Brooks recently because her feet kept going numb. The numbness is still with her on the Brooks saddle unfortunately, so she only has good things to say about the Rivet! You can read Kat’s reviews HERE and HERE.

Rivet cycle works eurobike 2013


One of the best things a bicycle traveller can own. Rohloff had a nice looking stand this year complete with their 24ct gold hub!

Rohloff eurobike 2013
Rohloff eurobike 2013
Rohloff eurobike 2013


Schmidt had cookies at their stand! Although they would have needed to lure us in: they arguably make the best dynamo hubs around. SON review HERE.

Schmidt eurobike 2013
Schmidt eurobike 2013

Supernova Lighting

We always love seeing Supernovas stand; this crew knows design. Check out the fully submerged E3 lights running perfectly in the fish tank! Don’t forget to read our post about when we visited the factory HERE.

Supernova eurobike 2013
Supernova eurobike 2013
Supernova waterproof eurobike 2013


All the good gear from one of our favourite bicycle touring manufacturers – they still really need to upgrade the brakes on the LHT though! Never mind, just get the Disc Trucker instead. LHT review HERE.

Surly long haul trucker eurobike 2013
Surly ecr eurobike 2013

Tandems: Pedal Power

One of the few tandem-only stands at Eurobike!

Pedal power tandems eurobike 2013
Pedal power tandems eurobike 2013
Pedal power tandems eurobike 2013
Pedal power tandems eurobike 2013
Pedal power tandems eurobike 2013

Tandems: Santana

Spotted on the street. Lots of bling on this one…

Santana tandem
Santana tandem

Tandems: Stevens

One of the only big manufacturers with a tandem on display. Probably wouldn’t be too bad for touring either…

Stevens tandem eurobike 2013

Tout Terrain

We didn’t get any shots from Eurobike, but check out the Metropolitan Xplore from their 2014 catalogue! Pinion gearbox, belt drive… delicious.

Tout terrain metropolitan Xplore eurobike 2013


The best rack maker in the world had a great looking stand this year! Here are our reviews of the TARA and CARGO.

Tubus racks eurobike 2013
Tubus racks eurobike 2013


German manufacturer Velotraum had a great looking stand this year. Their Pinion bike looks wonderful!

Velotrau, eurobike 2013
Velotraum eurobike 2013

If you have any touring gear pictures from Eurobike in a gallery elsewhere – please let us know with a comment below!



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