Eurobike 2015: Bicycle Touring & Travel Gallery

Eurobike is the biggest bike tradeshow in the world, and the place where most manufacturers unveil their upcoming bikes and products. This year there was huge growth in the off-road touring sector, as well as with e-Bikes and bikepacking gear.

Unfortunately I couldn’t make Eurobike, so it is with thanks to Kenni and Heidi of Ecotrip.bike, and Martin from Biketour.global that we have these images. Kenni and Heidi are currently travelling sustainably and simply around Europe on their bikes – make sure to check out their website or give them a follow on Instagram. You can follow Martin on the BiketourGlobal Facebook or Instagram pages.

Ok, without further ado, here’s a round-up gallery of all the touring, trekking and bikepacking gear from the show. I will update this resource as more photos become available.


Apidura are one of the most prominent bikepacking bag brands around. They had all of their bag options on well-used show bikes to give you an idea of what they are capable of.

Apidura Eurobike 2015 01

Apidura Eurobike 2015 06

Apidura Eurobike 2015 05

Apidura Eurobike 2015 04

Apidura Eurobike 2015 03

Apidura Eurobike 2015 02


Blackburn have recently built themselves quite a collection of bicycle touring / bikepacking bags, racks and accessories. I especially like their handlebar roll and compression seat pack.

Blackburn Eurobike 2015 01

Blackburn Eurobike 2015 02

Blackburn Eurobike 2015 03

Blackburn Eurobike 2015 04

Blackburn Eurobike 2015 05

Blackburn Eurobike 2015 06


Brooks didn’t bring any new bicycle touring products to Eurobike, but they’ve certainly extended their casual bag range. I also really like those sand coloured panniers with Ortlieb clips!

Brooks Eurobike 2015 1

Brooks Eurobike 2015 2

Brooks Eurobike 2015 3

Brooks Eurobike 2015 4

Brooks Eurobike 2015 03

Busch und Muller

B&M didn’t disappoint with a handful of new dynamo lights for 2016. The IQ-X now tops the range in terms of brightness.

Busch und Muller Eurobike 2015 02

Busch und Muller Eurobike 2015 01

Busch und Muller Eurobike 2015 03

Busch und Muller Eurobike 2015 04

Busch und Muller Eurobike 2015 05


We’ve covered the fact that Cannondale have made their first touring bike in over five years. It looks just as neat in the flesh.

Cannondale Eurobike 2015 01

Cannondale Eurobike 2015 03

Cannondale Eurobike 2015 02


Centurion had some trekking e-Bikes at their stand which would be nice to ride down some of the major European rivers. E-Bikes are now pretty common place at Eurobike!

Centurion Eurobike 2015 01

Centurion Eurobike 2015 02


Columbus were showing off their touring and trekking bikes, including a nice step-through ladies bike. 

Columbus Eurobike 2015 01

Columbus Eurobike 2015 02

Columbus Eurobike 2015 03

Columbus Eurobike 2015 04


Co-Motion had their gravel, touring and road tandems on show. I have a soft spot for Co-Motion bikes, considering I’ve used their Equator tandem to ride from Turkey to Australia. They’re super well made bikes in general, and definitely some of the best tandems around! 

CoMotion Eurobike 2015 01

CoMotion Eurobike 2015 02

CoMotion Eurobike 2015 03

Gates Carbon Drive

Gates recently released their new CDC:EXP belts and sprockets, and were keen to have them on display. The sprockets are deeper set than the standard model – designed for ‘expedition’ use.

Gates Carbon Drive Eurobike 2015 01

Gates Carbon Drive Eurobike 2015 02

Gates Carbon Drive Eurobike 2015 03


Giant has recently released their ToughRoad SLR off-road touring bike. It uses mountain bike wheels and parts, but offers a few design details especially for touring.

Giant Eurobike 2015

Gilles Berthoud

GB’s range hasn’t changed much since last year. All of their classy, timeless product have stood the test of time, and probably will for a long while to come!

Gilles Berthoud Eurobike 2015 01

Gilles Berthoud Eurobike 2015 02

Gilles Berthoud Eurobike 2015 04

Gilles Berthoud Eurobike 2015 05


Intec had a Rohloff off-road adventure touring bike on display, in a lovely blue/green colour. 

Intec Eurobike 2015 1

Intec Eurobike 2015 2


Koga had their latest touring offerings on show, including lots of Rohloff and Belt Drivetrains. The WorldTraveller bikes now feature eccentric bottom brackets instead of sliding dropouts. I especially like Koga’s step-through touring bikes. Oh, and the last picture is of Mark Beaumont’s bike which he used to break the record for the fastest solo ride of Africa!

Koga Eurobike 2015 1

Koga Eurobike 2015 2

Koga Eurobike 2015 01

Koga Eurobike 2015 02

Koga Eurobike 2015 03

Koga Eurobike 2015 04


KTM brought their exceptionally well-priced Life Lontano touring bike to the show last year where it won a Eurobike award. At 3399€, it’s pretty much equipped to ride around the world out of the box, with a steel frame, dynamo lights, Gates Carbon Drive and a Pinion 18spd gearbox.

KTM Eurobike 2015 01

KTM Eurobike 2015 02


Maxx was showing their aluminium touring bikes as well as a few interesting e-Bikes. The first pic is of a neat trekking e-Bike, the last images are of a dual suspension fat e-Bike with a very powerful motor. The batteries are so big you have to carry them in a backpack!

Maxx Eurobike 2015 03

Maxx Eurobike 2015 04

Maxx Eurobike 2015 05

Maxx Eurobike 2015 01

Maxx Eurobike 2015 02

MTB Cycletech

MTB Cycletech had lots of touring/trekking/travel bikes to show this year. Some set up as full-blown touring bikes, others as mountain bikes with bikepacking bags. They extensively used Pinion 18s gearboxes, Rohloff hubs and Gates Carbon Drive across their range. What a great line up!

MTB Cycletech Eurobike 2015 01

MTB Cycletech Eurobike 2015 02

MTB Cycletech Eurobike 2015 03

MTB Cycletech Eurobike 2015 04

MTB Cycletech Eurobike 2015 05

MTB Cycletech Eurobike 2015 06

MTB Cycletech Eurobike 2015 07

MTB Cycletech Eurobike 2015 08

MTB Cycletech Eurobike 2015 09

MTB Cycletech Eurobike 2015 10

MTB Cycletech Eurobike 2015 11


With the exception of new product colours, Ortlieb didn’t have much new gear on show. It’s good to see they have extended their reflective fabrics to their smaller bags.

Ortlieb Eurobike 2015 01

Ortlieb Eurobike 2015 03

Ortlieb Eurobike 2015 02


Patria had some touring e-Bikes, cargo bikes and Pinion equipped mountain bikes on show.

Patria Eurobike 2015 3

Patria Eurobike 2015 2

Patria Eurobike 2015 1

Patria Eurobike 2015 02


The biggest news from Pinion is that their product is available on so many more bikes for 2016! The gearbox products they offer remain untouched.

Pinion Eurobike 2015 01


This titanium trekking beauty from Pilot features a suspension seatpost and SR Suntour Swing fork. 

Pilot Eurobike 2015 1

Pilot Eurobike 2015 2


A handful of new racks, baskets and bags from Racktime.

Racktime Eurobike 2015 01

Racktime Eurobike 2015 02

Riese und Muller

Lots of electric trekking bikes from Riese und Muller this year! Is this a sign of things to come for the European market?

Riese und Muller Eurobike 2015 01

Riese und Muller Eurobike 2015 02

Riese und Muller Eurobike 2015 03

Riese und Muller Eurobike 2015 04

Riese und Muller Eurobike 2015 05

Birdy Eurobike 2015


Rohloff just announced new products and updates to current Rohloff hubs. Head over HERE for all the goss.

Rohloff Eurobike 2015 01

Rohloff Eurobike 2015 1

Rohloff Eurobike 2015 02


Salsa had on show their new world touring bike, the Marrakesh. This is one of the nicest and smartest specced US $1500 touring bikes around! Head HERE for more info on why this bike is special. Salsa also had their carbon off-road bike, the Cutthroat on show with bikepacking bags, their beautiful red Fargo, as well as their updated gravel bike, the Vaya.

Salsa Eurobike 2015 2

Salsa Eurobike 2015 1

Salsa Eurobike 2015 3

Salsa Eurobike 2015 4

Salsa Eurobike 2015 01

Salsa Eurobike 2015 03


Stevens had their top trekking bike, the P18 Lite on display, with colour-matched front Supernova light and Pinion gearbox!

Stevens Eurobike 2015 1


Surly made a few updates to their colours for 2016, in addition to a groupset change on the Straggler from Shimano to SRAM.

Surly Eurobike 2015 2

Surly Eurobike 2015 01

Surly Eurobike 2015 02

Surly Eurobike 2015 03


Tern made some small updates to a few of their folding bikes (have you seen our REVIEW of the P18?) but the new product of the show was their folding cargo bike!

Tern Eurobike 2015 01

Tern Eurobike 2015 02

Tern Eurobike 2015 03

Tout Terrain

Tout Terrain had their usual touring goodness including a new off-road touring bike with drop handlebars, employing a Rohloff 14s hub and Gates Carbon Drive.

Tout Terrain Eurobike 2015 4

Tout Terrain Eurobike 2015 3

Tout Terrain Eurobike 2015 2

Van Nicholas

Van Nicholas does some pretty amazing things with titanium! They had one of each of their premium touring bikes: a Rohloff and a Pinion bike, both running Gates Carbon Drive. 

Van Nicholas Eurobike 2015 2

Van Nicholas Eurobike 2015 1

Van Nicholas Eurobike 2015 3


Other bag giant Vaude had all of their touring offerings on show.

Vaude Eurobike 2015 1

Vaude Eurobike 2015 2


As always, Velotraum had a large range of touring and trekking bikes, many with Pinion gearboxes, Gates Carbon Drive and Rohloff hubs. The off-road trekking e-Bike looks rather cool!

Velotraum Eurobike 2015 01

Velotraum Eurobike 2015 03

Velotraum Eurobike 2015 04

Velotraum Eurobike 2015 05

Velotraum Eurobike 2015 06

Velotraum Eurobike 2015 07

Velotraum Eurobike 2015 08

Velotraum Eurobike 2015 2

Velotraum Eurobike 2015 1

VSF Fahrradmanufaktur

VSF had their full range of touring bikes on show, including their top end model, the TX-1200 with a Pinion gearbox and Gates Carbon Drive. 

VSF Eurobike 2015 1

VSF Eurobike 2015 2

  1. Any notion of the model names for the new Intec and Tout Terrain adventure touring bikes? I would love to find more pictures.

  2. Sad to see there are no more than ONE drop bar touring 29er for 2″ tires. One must digress to the nice, albeit costly option of a custom frame if one has the means, or settle to the gamble game and wait for a Fargo to be available in the right size. Or make a frankenbike and deal with all the subtle size problems/workarounds associated with shortening and heightening the reach and stack of a frame designed for flat bars; to use with drops.

  3. I did and it has been the nicest list I’ve seen yet for drop bar touring 29ers. Unfortunately my tastes are so refined for what I do that I require Titanium or Carbon to reduce vibration WHILE being easy to climb with at speed. I will be spending about 16 hrs in the saddle each day within 2 yrs time and need to be able to climb competitively. So with my specific needs, I can get a TI Fargo (no longer made) or Carbon Cutthroat (VERY hard to get) or go custom.

  4. Hi Alee! Is 26″ wheels out on touring/adventure bikes, and what is your take on 28 spokes rims that many seems to use on 29ers even with front rack.?

  5. With lots of 29″ rim and tyre options out there, this will likely be the common size chosen for adventure touring bikes in the future. With regards to spokes – ideally you’d have 32 or more, but if the wheel uses a stiff enough rim (eg. carbon or really thick alloy), you can build pretty strong wheels with 28 spokes.

  6. Thanks Alee. Maybe 29 er and revelate designs bags is the future for adventures /touring biking. I have a Univega 700 and a topeak trailer.works great, but maybe i will try som of revelate designs frame and handlebar bags this year for easy travelling.

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