Fresh Updates For The Bikepacking and Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guides!

November has been a crazy busy month for me.

I’ve spent almost every day researching the latest touring and bikepacking bikes, calculating various measurements, observing the latest trends, contacting bike manufacturers (for additional information), and updating all the terminology and general advice in my guides.

The guides are now brimming with the latest tech, and I have a tonne of data which I’m looking forward to sharing with you over the coming months.

There are now 25% more bikes in each of the guides for 2021, which is pretty impressive – bike travel is taking off! I’ve added some new sections here and there, including a few how-to guides on some neat web tools that will make comparing bikes even easier.

NEW: Bike-On-Bike Comparison Tool

Part of the reason why it took me so long to update everything is that I have uploaded the frame geometry data of EVERY bike from my guides onto the website Bike Insights.

If you haven’t seen this nifty web tool before, it allows you to visualise the frame geometry differences between two bikes. It is particularly useful when picking a bike size, as manufacturers do not have a standardised way of sizing them.

For example, take a look at the 61cm Bianchi Orso overlayed on the 56cm Kona Sutra LTD using this link. Given the sizing name, you’d think they’d be three sizes apart, but they actually measure up almost identically.

Another useful way to use Bike Insights is to borrow, hire, test or get professionally fitted to a bike that (a) feels good in terms of size, and (b) is already incorporated into the Bike Insights website. Then you can easily use that bike as a benchmark for comparing everything in my guides to pick the size that is a perfect match.

Bike Insights is awesome.

How To Get Your Copy

If you’re already one of my Buyer’s Guide customers, you should have just received the update email. If not, please check your ‘junk’ email folder as it might have been filtered.

Alternatively, you can search your email for your original “Gumroad” receipt. That will take you to the portal with the current Buyer’s Guide(s), along with Buyer’s Guides from previous years. Failing that, please get in contact with me using a private message on Facebook or Instagram – or via email.

If you’re a new customer, awesome! My guides will teach you everything about bikepacking or touring bikes, before allowing you to compare 220+ bikepacking bikes (and 190+ touring bikes) at the back of the books. These guides are updated yearly – for free – so you can always keep on top of the latest bikes and information.

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