Gebla Rohbox: Combine Road or Mountain Shifters With Rohloff Hubs

The Rohloff twist shifter is a polarising item.

This critical component has single-handedly deterred many from using the Rohloff 14-speed internally geared hub. Due to the ergonomics, shape and diameter of the Rohloff twist shifter – it’s been difficult to elegantly and practically fit it on bikes with drop/road handlebars.

One of the first, and most popular resources of all-time is my guide to mounting Rohloff shifters on road handlebars. It has stimulated a lot of discussion on how great it would be if Rohloff decided to engineer their own road and mountain shifters…

That’s where the aftermarket Gebla Rohbox comes to save the day.

Gebla Rohbox for Rohloff Hub 04

The Rohbox is an engineering marvel in its own right, allowing you to combine standard mountain or road shifters with your Rohloff hub. The Rohbox replaces the standard cable box with it’s own ratchet system, permitting one shifter to change down, and the other shifter to change up.

Gebla Rohbox for Rohloff Hub Shifters 01
These SRAM Force hydraulic road shifters are hooked up to the Gebla Rohbox.
Gebla Rohbox for Rohloff Hub Shifters 02
This left SRAM X9 shifter will change the gears in one direction on the Rohloff hub.

In order to make the system work, you will need to disable the ratchet mechanisms in your road or mountain shifters. At this stage, only 11-speed Campagnolo and SRAM road shifters are 100% compatible, and if you buy them with the Rohbox they will come pre-modified and ready to install.

Gebla Rohbox for Rohloff Hub 01

The Rohbox will set you back £129 (SJS Cycles.co.uk) or US $245 (CycleMonkey.com).

Alternatively you can buy a Rohbox with SRAM road levers from US $478, or with SRAM hydraulic road levers from US $957. A Rohbox and Campagnolo road levers starts from US $416, and a Rohbox with SRAM trigger shifters starts at US $308.

  1. I’m building a bike and highly considering this set up with sram road levers.
    Anyone have some feedback and wouldn’t mind to share?

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