Problem Solvers QR Light Mount

How To Mount Front and Rear Bikepacking Lights

With handlebar and seatpost space occupied by bags, it can be hard to find a place to mount bikepacking lights. But here at CyclingAbout – we have lots of solutions!

On a side note, if you’re keen on dynamo light setups, make sure to read my article about dynamo light beam shape, light output, light efficiency and more.

Axle Mounts

Problem Solvers QR Light Mount

A neat way to mount a front light is to change your quick release nut to one of these. While the front wheel provides some light interference, the majority of the beam can still light your way. These axle mounts can be used at the rear too if your light is able to rotate 90 degrees.

Available Options:
IRD QR Lamp Perch
M-Wave QR Light Mount – Amazon US $12
Nitto Lamp Holder 5
Passport QR Light Mount
Problem Solvers Quick Release Nut Light Mount

Eyelet Mounts

Paul Gino Fork Mount

If you use a front rack or have fork eyelets, a better option for front lighting is one of these eyelet mounts. The higher the light is on your bike, the fewer shadows you’ll see from ground objects.

Available Options:
Nitto Lampholder 3 / 4
Origin8 Eyelet Stub – Amazon US $9
Passport Front Fork Eyelet Bracket
Paul Gino Front/Rear Light Mount – Amazon US $20
Problem Solvers Front Rack Light Mount

Handlebar Mounts

Docooler GUB

Handlebar mounts permit you to raise your light above your handlebar pack. This tends to be the best option in terms of projecting a light beam without interference.

Double Arm Mount Options:
BarYak Ultra
BM Works Speed Extender – Amazon US $17
Docooler GUB – Amazon US $12
KBROTECH GUB – Amazon US $16

Single Arm Mount Options:
BarFly Universal Computer Mount – Amazon US $25
Minoura SpaceGrip SG-400 – Amazon US $17
Problem Solvers Accessory Mount
Vinqliq Handlebar Extender – Amazon US $12

Steerer Mounts

Paul Stem Light Mount

If you don’t mind the utilitarian look of these steerer-mounted options, they can be a great way to move your light beam over your front bag.

Paul Stem Cap Front Light Mount – Amazon US $45
The Paul option replaces your stem cap with a raised 26mm tube that will hopefully allow your front light to clear your front bag.

Minoura CS-500 – Amazon US $14
Minoura makes a headset spacer with an adjustable arm that can greatly elevate your light over your handlebars. This option will still work with stem cap USB chargers like The Plug III

Aerobar Mounts

The BarYak Expedition setup. Image: BarYak

Aerobars are a great place to fit front lights on bikepacking setups. In fact, some aerobars like the BarYak are designed specifically for the purpose. A side benefit is that you can mount your handlebar pack off some aerobars, stabilising the handlebar pack and preventing it from hitting your front tyre on a rough trail. This feature is particularly useful for those who use handlebar harnesses.

BarYak Bar Extender
This setup is hugely adjustable and offers lots of space for front lights and GPS units. You can a range of setups on the BarYak website.

Profile Designs UCM Aerobridge – Amazon US $21
This mount fits between your aerobars at a width of 100mm centre-to-centre.

Aerobar w/ PVC Crossbar
An excellent light mount hack is to gorilla tape a small section of PVC pipe between your aerobars! This YouTube video shows an even neater version if you have the tools.

Brake Stud Light Mount

Problem Solvers Brake Stud Light Mount. Image: UrbanVelo.org

Problem Solvers Brake Stud Light Mount
If your bike is using rim brakes, Problem Solvers have a light mount adapter that will bolt straight onto your brake studs.

Anywhere Mounts

profile designs ucm

These nylon mounts are able to fit around non-round tubes like your seatstay. They can be a great way to mount a rear light on your bike. Alternatively, they’re an excellent mount option for aerobars.

Profile Designs UCM (Universal Computer Mount)
Available in 25 and 60mm lengths, this mount will fit front lights to your aerobars or fork leg, or rear lights to your seat stay. 

Issimo NOB – Amazon US $7
This lightweight nylon clamp will wrap around non-round sections of your bike.

Use Your Seat Pack Webbing

bikepacking lights

Many bikepacking seat packs come with a webbing that will fit a rear light. The key is to find a light that has a hook. Some light models like the Bontrager Flare R use a separate clip accessory. The downside to this option is that the light direction will vary depending on how the bag is filled.

Seatstay Battery Lights

Fibre Flare Cyclops
The Fibre Flare Cyclops can be viewed from all angles. Image: Road.cc

There’s a handful of battery-powered lights that are suitable for mounting on your seat stay.

Fibre Flare Shorty 23cm – Amazon US $35
Lezyne KTV Drive 10 – Amazon US $19
Serfas Thunderbolt – Amazon US $23

Seatstay Dynamo Lights

If you like dynamo setups – you’ll appreciate these non-rack / seatpost-mounted rear dynamo lights.

supernova e3 rear light

Supernova E3 Tail Light 2 Seat Post
This rear light fits using a rubber strap rather than bolting onto a rack or mount. It is adjustable in angle which makes it a great light option for your seat stay, especially if it’s ovalised.

Velo Orange E3 Light Bracket

Velo Orange E3 Light Bracket
The VO light bracket places a regular Supernova E3 rear light from one of the eyelets on your seat stays. There is a longer version that will mount from your rear brake bridge if you have one.

B&M Secula Plus

B&M Secula Plus
The Secula rear light is designed specifically to mount the seat stay of your bike.

Do You Have Any Other Great Ways To Fit Bikepacking Lights To Your Bike?

  1. We use extreme brite rear light on our helmets ( inexpensive, lightweight, rechargeable, highly visible, and BRIGHT).
    We have pizza racks on front and mount a small trunk style bag to it instead of handlebar bag. Works great and keeps weight lower for better handling and out of the way of our super light in motion headlight. Plus gives us lots of handlebar real estate for phone, gps, etc.

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