Keep Clean Without a Shower: Baby Wipes

Not everywhere we stay has a shower, or even water! We often can't carry enough water to drink, let alone shower at the end of every day.

So for that reason we like to carry around a packet of baby wipes which are great for cleaning yourself off after a days riding. They are wet, pre-soaped and don't require any water to use.

Two to four wipes are more than enough to get yourself quite clean and a packet of 20 is often less than $2.

Give it a go… you'll feel clean at the end of the day and your sleeping bag will thank you for it!


  1. A warning about wet wipes. They are practical, but they are also an environmental disaster. Unlike toilet paper, they are designed to withstand water, that is, they do not degrade, or easily recycle. Each wipe used is another one for the landfill.
    I’d rather use whatever water I can find or go without washing. If I can’t find water, locals can’t either, so I won’t stand out 🙂

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