Blog 11: Keeping and Valuing Time


Time flies past.

I wonder if the old weathered man fishing on the Slovenian shoreline thinks time goes by slowly or quickly?

He would surely look back on his 75 year life and think how fast it went by. But maybe now because he doesn’t work – sitting, thinking and fishing – time and life would be slow and would allow his reflection of the good and bad times he’s had.

So if the old fisherman has slowed his life, is this what we need to do to ensure that we savour our life?

Da and ne. Yes and no. Thinking about it a bit, having fun and being busy are my two special time-accelerators. These particularities may of course be different for you. But let’s just twist my ‘deep’ theory on time-accelleration in the opposite direction – in order to decelerate my time I should take on less and make sure life isn’t singularly about the fun times.

Doing nothing may well sometimes be invaluable. It allows us as humans to slow down time, smell the roses and sense everything else amazing in life, reflect on what we’ve done – PLUS have all the energy in the world to take on our next challenge.

If we don’t do it often, all of our precious time alive will be whittled away.

Daily Tasks

Living takes time.

Living a regular life – you know: working full time, seeing friends, being busy with everything – I really don’t know how people truly make time to work, look after children, ride bikes, go away…and to just live.

I have only begun appreciating that the menial tasks that everybody does such as cooking, cleaning and eating, take up so much time. You would think that bicycle travellers would have infinite time, but really there is not much more time in your day than in that of the busy home life.

We would probably spend close to three hours per day simply preparing food, eating and digesting. We need to shop for food, clean clothes (and our bodies!), sleep, think about what we need to do today and plan ahead – nothing different from home. Except our life and our home is transitory, free and we can saddle up our entire house in practically no time at all.

But if these tasks take up so much time for us, the “retired” as I often call us, how do people in the standard life juggle every other task? Magic? Yep, it must be. I can only suggest that maybe I missed out on my invitation to Hogwarts?!

I had set myself so many tasks before we left in preparation for the instances where I had TOO MUCH time during our journey; I wanted to regularly update two websites, I wanted to read lots of books, I wanted to keep up with blogs and websites I really enjoy following. So far I really haven’t got on top of any of that.

I can’t help but feel disappointed that these activities don’t get vigorously and efficiently attacked, but at the same time I have to appreciate that there is so much new in our every day. If I were to try to do everything, nothing would be done properly!

Living with time

We have to every day remind ourselves how lucky we are to have this freedom. We are able to choose the composition of our days to maximise time, fun and adventures, and reflection.

We can be as busy as we want or we can scrape through our day on the bare minimum time allocated to just living. All days are equally as important as each other.

Travelling Alleykat-style allows us the ultimate luxury. We are the keepers of time.


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