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These Magnetic Dyna-Snap Dynamo Cable Connectors Are Great!

Currently on Kickstarter are some magnetic dynamo cable connectors by Littleford Bicycles. Dyna-Snaps have actually been in production for over one year, but this crowdfunding campaign has been setup to create a full production run and bring their product to the masses!

dynamo cable connector
Dyna-Snaps allow you to quickly split a dynamo cable.

Why Are Dyna-Snaps A Good Idea?

In my mind, the biggest advantage to installing these decoupling connectors is for easy front wheel removal. As there’s no delicate spade-locating required, the magnetic connectors just automatically attach when in proximity.

Another reason is to make packing your bike for flights easier. Separate your bike into parts, and decouple the cables where required. Simple! Currently, I don’t mount my front light to my front rack because I find it’s inconvenient to remove when I fly. But if I had decoupling cables…

And thirdly, if you use a USB hub charger in addition with your lights, you can swap between cables in seconds without needing to integrate a switch into the system. Just send power where it’s needed.

Reversed Pole Dynamo Cable Connectors

Here’s the really cool bit. You can wire your front and rear lights so that one set of cables uses reverse magnetic poles. Check out this video to see how using a pair of reversed pole connectors works.

dynamo cable connector
With reverse pole magnets, the Dyna-Snaps find the right cables every time.

Understanding Which Dyna-Snaps To Order

Single Pack (One Wire) // $18
This style of dynamo wiring is relatively uncommon, but is sometimes used when the frame or fork serves as the ground. This kit is more likely to be used in conjunction with another.

dynamo cable connectors
The single Dyna-Snap will be rarely needed alone.

Two Pack (Two Wires) // $34
The two pack is designed for the decoupling of a front light or USB charger.

dynamo cable connectors
The two pack will allow you to disconnect your front light cable.

Two Pack + Single Pack (Three Wires) // $52
You can set up both your front light and USB charger to share wires.

dynamo cable connectors
Two pack + single pack Dyna-Snap connectors allows for shared wiring.

Two Pack x2 (Four Wires) // $68
With four wires you’ll be good for both your front and rear lights. By using the reversed pole option for one set, you’ll be able to remove the headlight and have the wires permanently mounted to your frame and fork. Add in a ‘single pack’ for $18 and you can share wires with a USB charger.

dynamo cable connectors
A Dyna-Snap dynamo setup using four wires.

Six Pack (Six Wires) // $95
This package is designed for someone who is using front and rear lights and needs additional splits in a single cable. Definitely one for the S&S coupler customer.

Head to the Dyna-Snap Kickstarter For More Info.

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