Month in Pictures: March 2014

Our latest pictures and stories from the road!

imageWe spent the day getting a bit crazy at a rural school built by our philanthropic friend, Denzil! Despite their hard lives, the children were the same as children everywhere and loved to sing and smile. It’s incredible that people like Denzil drop everything, sell everything and start a life in a foreign country that makes BIG differences to SO many people. Congratulations Denzil!
imageA bit warm for bicycle travel, don’t you think?
imageGood morning, sir!
imageHave you heard of Tom’s shoes? This generous company provides shoes for lots of children in Cambodia (20000+ that we know of)! The only thing is, you won’t see children wearing them… Tom’s shoes are their dress shoes and are ONLY used on special occasions!
imageThere are temples everywhere in SE Asia, just look for the abnormally tall trees!
imageWelcome to VIETNAM! After cycling into our twenty-somethingth country, we did not expect to be part of an ocean of motorbikes. It’s like water through a pipe!
imageGrade EE4 at the Ho Chi Minh International School were so impressed with meeting us, they offered to give our bike a clean! We could get used to this service…
imageWhen we woke up this morning, we didn’t think we’d be standing next to a kangaroo with a joey! Oh the randomness of travel.
imageOh no! Kat’s in hospital due to some serious pain in her lower back! We’ve had an MRI and there are no slipped discs, but lots of degeneration around them which are affecting some nerves. We’re speaking to a specialist soon to see what this means for Alleykat’s adventures over the next few months… we’ll keep you in the loop.
imageThe expats in Vietnam are too kind to us! After knowing Al for only a couple of hours, he had invited us to stay in his AMAZING apartment while he was away on business. Not only did he give us his keys, but his house assistant whipped us up an amazing dinner! You’re a legend, Al!
imageCheck out our latest gadget thanks to Tout Terrain! The Plug III power supply delivers electricity generated by our wheel to a USB port at our handlebar, making topping up electric devices fuss free. We can travel at only 12km/h and achieve the full USB output current. Review shortly!
imageFive storeys up in the Vietnamese sky lies a glittering ochre pool, a place for reflection and reflections. Kat’s back is on the mend, aided by the perfect place to dip!
imageWe’ve got another new toy to show you! It’s the Sawyer Squeeze water filter. We put unfiltered water in the bag, and squeeze it through, easy as! It allows us to have safe drinking water anywhere in the world, but more importantly, we aren’t leaving a plastic bottle trail everywhere we go.
imageFor the first time in 20 months, we have spotted the parents of Alee. Normally found in varied environments of Australia, including urban areas, these unique bipedal mammals say they have employed transportation technology (planes and buses) to find US in rural Vietnam!
imageThis is one of the nicer places to be on a hot day in Vietnam!!! Where’s the best waterfall you’ve ever visited?
imageThe Vietnamese have some pretty tacky tourist attractions – many remind us of the attractions in former-Soviet countries! No… this isn’t a zebra.
imageHanging off the back of an old train… not a bad alternative to bicycle travel!
imageWho’s in a better mood today?
imageIT’S A RACE! Alee has 96hrs to cover 1000km in order to arrive in Hoi An (Central Vietnam) before Kat’s 24HR-long bus ride pulls in. In order to win, Alee will have to cover 250km per day on our tandem bicycle weighing over 50kg with luggage! Alee has opted the mountainous inland road, over the longer flatter coastal road. Will this pay off?
imageKat gets acupuncture on her injured back, in addition to all kinds of physio and chiropractic treatment, while Alee has now been out riding for 10hrs or so! Will he get to Hoi An before Sunday?
imageAlee is finding it very hard to ride long days when the temperature in the sun is this high!
imageAlee rode Tan-nay-nay for 22hrs non-stop, covering 342km and allowing him to arrive in Hoi An in first place! That’s 1000km in 94hrs riding solo on our tandem (with all of our gear) right through the mountains of Vietnam… crazy kid. Congratulations to everyone who voted in his favour!
imageA visit to Vietnam isn’t complete until you’ve done a selfie in front of a tank. Check!


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