Month in Pictures: August 2013

Our latest pictures and stories from the road…

Uzbekistan bicycle touring
Uzbekistan’s most popular vehicle, the Damas, is almost outsized by our limousine!
Broken Mavic XM719 rim
So this is one of our current problems… a nice crack around the inside of our front wheel! Luckily there is a wheel built by a good friend in the UK ready to make it’s way over to Kyrgyzstan!
Tandem bicycle touring Kyrgyzstan
Alleykat are off travelling with not one, but FOUR round-the-world cyclists for a while in Eastern Kyrgyzstan! May the adventures be merry!
Tandem bicycle touring Kyrgyzstan
So…. our time away with two other cycling around-the-world couples has included lake swimming, gorge camping, river washing, chapati making, thermal hot spring relaxation, getting to know four fantastic individuals and most importantly… no more than 50km riding per day!
Tandem bicycle touring Kyrgyzstan
It’s pretty mesmerising riding around Kyrgyzstan! Our favourite region to ride has definitely been the south, purely because the drivers are much more considerate of cyclists than the north. In terms of the riding, camping and scenery, we hazard a guess that there is no place better than where we are!
Lake Toktogul sunset, Kyrgyzstan
We love travelling for all the times we get to experience this kind of day!
Kyrgyzstan steppe, bicycle touring
Kyrgyzstan @ 3000m: the grass is lush, the air is fresh, the peaks are close and there are absolutely gorgeous free-range horses everywhere! Camping bliss.
Four rivers bicycle trail, Korea
Interesting times in Central Asia! The Chinese consulate has shut the doors to foreigners, and many embassies in the region seem to be doing the same. Without our China visa we will be forced to fly somewhere… will it be Korea? If we do, we will be completing the 620km long Four Rivers trail, of which 70% is on bike tracks! http://www.riverguide.go.kr/eng/index.do
Tandem bicycle touring
Sunset ride, Alleykat POV.
Mountain Hardwear Skyledge 3
Alleykat got a new home! We have spent a few nights in it now, so we can provide you with some initial impressions. What we particularly love is the new dry-pitch system, crazy amounts of mesh and ease of erection (teehee!), even by yourself. We also compare it side by side with our outgoing tent. https://www.cyclingabout.com/index.php/2013/08/initial-impressions-mountain-hardwear-skyledge-3-dp-tent/
Tandem bicycle and limousine
Bishkek Limo vs. CyclingAbout Limo. Only one of them has 14 gears and can travel almost anywhere, including on planes.
Bicycle touring Korea
Alleykat are soon closing a major chapter in our 100% overland bike tour, with a flight to SEOUL, KOREA in early September! We are looking forward to receiving our Korean ‘cycling passports’ which will be filled with gold stars and will earn us a medallion by the end!!!
Ala Archa National Park
THIS is what we woke up to yesterday! Ala Archa National Park, Kyrgyzstan.
Ala Archa National Park Hiking
There are places where our tandem will not ride. The peaks and glaciers of the Tian Shan mountains are definitely for shoe treads, rather than tyre treads!
Tandem bicycle touring in Kyrgyzstan
It’s not only Alleykat who rides Tan-nay-nay. Our new friend Begimjan’s brother wanted a go, so Alex did 10km with him up a hill!


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