Month in Pictures: February 2014

These are the latest pictures and stories from our trip!

Fair jewelry manila
Check out this Fair Jewelry that we just purchased! It is lovingly put together by trained adolescents from the impoverished area of Manila where we just finished volunteering. Such a great way to get kids off the street, why not buy some as gifts? You know you want to! www.fairjewelry.co.uk
It's happening! We're bending our knees on our way to Phnom Penh, Cambodia!
Starting our first morning in Cambodia the only way we know how: #Lavazza espresso from our #Airspresso coffee machine! Couldn't live without it.
Tandem bicycle touring temple
We've been avoiding people and cities the past few days, and have instead found roughly 167443 amazing temples hidden in the countryside. Nice one, Cambodia!
Tandem bicycle touring
Aussie bush, or Cambodian backroads? We're very confused!
Does anybody know why ALL the houses are built on stilts in Cambodia? We can only assume it's because the lowland areas flood during monsoon?
Tandem bicycle touring Cambodia
You can find temples like this in every town in Cambodia. EVERY. TOWN. Very impressive.
Schwalbe marathon Mondial 26,000km
We are still on our original set of tyres after 20 months and 26,000km... this is getting ridiculous! Should we aim for 30,000km, or should we actually USE the two replacement tyres we've been carrying since Amsterdam?
Truck drafting - an old trick of ours. Life at 45km/h gets you places fast. What isn't fast is when you hit a pot hole in the road and get a DOUBLE pinch flat! You'd think we'd learn, but the very next day we were up to our old tricks again.
We could watch monkeys for hours! Our next video will feature LOTS of these sneaky creatures...
Phare ponleu Selpak circus
We went to the Phare Ponleu Selpak circus in Cambodia. The amazing thing is that this is a community circus, where underprivileged kids are given the opportunity to learn the ropes. The result? Oodles of talent! You'll see some of it in our next film.
The Khmer (Cambodian) people burn their rubbish, along with green waste, every night. Just after sunset you can ride around to a landscape of spot fires as far as the eyes can see!
Hase Pino tour
We've been cycling with Hubert and Sylvie who've come all the way from France to Cambodia on their semi-recumbent tandem! We are SO impressed with retired couples on long journeys - especially those who've managed to conquer Russia, Siberia and Mongolia... wow.
We visited an orphanage/refuge school in Northern Cambodia to talk about the world and get to know some super resilient youth. The children had very sad backgrounds, but wore smiles for miles and dreamed big. VERY impressed!
BBQ rats
Breakfast anyone? You can find anything on the flames in Cambodia!
Overloaded van Cambodia
The Khmer are excellent packers. We're constantly blown away by how much stuff a van can carry!
Angkor thom wall
Today Alee gave up his day job as a tandem cyclist to help hold up part of a temple near Angkor Wat.
Tandem bicycle touring dirt
It's a tad dusty on the roads in Cambodia! The locals on motorbikes are well aware of this fact - they wear masks!
Angkor wat sunrise
The sunrise at Angkor Wat is worth getting up for. Perhaps more spectacular, is the sheer number of people who were thinking the same!
Our dynamo light provided five minutes of giggles to this little girl, as she got to spin the wheel and see what happens!
Sometimes you've got to take a break from cycling everyday!
6-eleven Cambodia
We've all heard of 7-eleven and 9/11, but did you know that the 6-eleven convenience store movement has started, and will potentially take over the world?
Dirty faces Cambodia
This is what we look like when there are road works for 80km straight!
Man made vs nature. Nature always wins! (Picture @ Prasat Yeay Poan - circa 620AD)


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