Month in Pictures: September 2013

Our latest photos and stories from the road…

Independence Day Kyrgyzstan
Yesterday, we celebrated 22 years of independence with lots and lots of Kyrgyz families in the streets. There was music, dancing, rides, arm wrestling, food, karate and everything fun going on in Bishkek!
Taoist monk pilgrimage in Kyrgyzstan
The people you meet on the road! This monk has been retracing the steps of his grand master, from Beijing to Afghanistan. Such a cool guy!
Paul van der ploeg world champion
One year ago we lived with professional mountain biker Paul van der Ploeg – Cyclist for two weeks in Germany; riding and having one of the best times of our trip. Just yesterday all of his hard work paid back: Paul became a world champion mountain biker! Read our interview with Paul here: https://www.cyclingabout.com/index.php/2012/08/get-to-know-a-pro-mountain-biker-paul-van-der-ploeg/
In a quite a poor village in Uzbekistan, around 15 people pitched in and presented us with a 20cm long, locally made knife – complete with personalised engraving!
Home stay Kyrgyzstan
We met Begimjan at her family’s clothing shop a few weeks ago and were soon scooped up and into her house! Her family really knows how to cook lots of food you will never find in a restaurant – one of the many reasons staying with locals is far better than hotels.
Co-motion equator tandem bicycle touring
Co-Motion Cycles tandem. In our opinion, the best touring tandem money can buy! No, we aren’t paid to say this.
Bicycle touring book korea coupletourist
Welcome to Korea! We are currently staying with and getting to know Seoul with bicycle touring royalty. Will and Julie have spent no less than FIVE years riding around the world. They have not one, but three books published about their journey too!
Baekundae peak Seoul Korea
A good way to get an overview of Seoul: climb the 836.5m Baekundae peak behind the city! This is a really beautiful national park and is quickly accessed by public bus from the centre of town.
Cycling poncho
Today we purchased some ponchos, however in a shop in Korea you must pronounce it PANCHOOOOOOS otherwise you won’t be understood! Why? Well hot, wet temperatures and goretex jackets just doesn’t work. It’s the first time in a long time that we can’t wait til it rains!
Worldbiking Eric and Amaya
Recognise these two? We were cooked dinner by bicycle touring royalty last night in the form of World Biking – Eric and Amaya have been on the road for the last SEVEN years and will not even consider stopping until they’ve visited every country in the world! Incredible huh? Make sure you check out their blog and photos at www.worldbiking.info – super inspiring stuff.
Camping in Seoul Korea
Tonight we’re camping on the banks of the Han River in the centre of Seoul!
Korean generosity
We were wondering if the kindness we had received from Central Asia would continue in Korea. Then Lee came along! He showed us around the region and then treated us to a big Korean lunch. Thanks Lee!
4rivers cycle path korea
Scenes from the path today: oversized children riding bikes, a deer that resembles a kangaroo and lots of sexy bikes-only paths!
Hot springs korea
Riding along and on the side of the road… what’s that?! Hot thermal springs for your feet. We <3 Korea!
Cycling Ponchos
A poncho kinda day today! 27 degrees and wet. + Brilliant ventilation + Keeps our shorts dry + Seat remains dry – Flappy in the wind – Kat gets water in her face from Alex’s poncho
Tandem Bicycle touring korea
Most days we’re happy as Larry. Today it was because a Couchsurfing host wanted to treat us, so instead of having us sleep on his floor… he secretly booked us a hotel room and took us out to dinner! It is amazing how generous some people are! Thanks so much Pete.
4rivers cycling path korea
We have NEVER had to push our bike on sealed roads… until Korea! The 4Rivers bike path is heaven and hell. Heaven because you can ride all day through mixed environments without a single car, and Hell because the gradients sometimes exceed 30%!!!
Camping 4rivers cycle path korea
Sometimes we end up sleeping in some incredible places. A few nights ago our tent was set-up on a viewing platform on the top of a mountain!
CyclingAbout radio interview
Questions are ANSWERED in our feature length interview with TBS Radio in Korea. They had some great questions for us. We hope you enjoy and get something from it! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U7-p49xv8rI
Warm welcome
A VERY warm welcome in Ulsan, Korea by… wait for it… Alex’s 4th cousin (8yo) and her parents! Feeling very lucky.
Sealskinz socks and shimano SPD sandals
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest of them all? Clearly Alleykat with our Shimano SPD sandals and Sealskin socks! Oh yes we did.



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