Ortlieb Releases New BackRoller Pro XL Panniers With 70L Space

As lots of people move towards lighter weight and more compact touring setups, Ortlieb just went the other direction and released the worlds biggest panniers. Ortlieb didn’t just add a bit of space, they almost doubled the standard BackRoller size. While regular Ortlieb panniers are around 40 litres capacity; the new Pro model comes in at 70 litres!

Ortlieb BackRoller Pro XL Panniers

But who would want a 70 litre set of panniers? Tourers that currently use ‘rackpack’ bags on top of their rack, in addition to panniers will benefit the most. The BackRoller Pro panniers have roughly the same volume as a set of regular panniers + 32L rackpack bag.

By using the Pro bags:
You can achieve a lower centre of gravity for your gear which will improve your touring bikes handling
You will have less bags to cart about when you get to your accommodation or while in transit
You will reduce the total weight of your bags

Ortlieb BackRoller Pro XL Panniers

Like all Ortlieb panniers, the Pro model are super easy to adjust without tools and will suit almost any pannier rack. There’s an internal pocket for anything important and an 8 litre outer pocket for the bits and pieces you need regular access to.

The BackRoller Pro are available in two different versions: Classic and Plus. The difference between these models is the construction material. The Classic utilises PVC-laminated polyester whereas the Plus uses a lighter weight and more environmentally-friendly PU-laminated cordura. My pick of the two would have to be the Plus as the weight savings are significant and I’ve had no issues with regards to the durability of cordura. The Classic will be available in black-grey or red-black, and the Plus in black-grey or red-maroon.

The BackRoller Pro bags weigh 2000g per pair, just 300g more than the regular bags. If you’re thinking you may need the extra space, these are a no-brainer.

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