Review: Cane Creek Drop Bar V-Brake Levers

For users of drop handlebars on fast stopping touring bikes, many will have these levers installed. Not because they are particularly good or comfortable, but more through a lack of options.

I prefer these levers over the Problem Solvers, or mini v-brake options because it’s a neater and less finicky way of running more powerful brakes.

The lever blades do have a nice natural shape, however I find the lever body to be a bit slim compared to what I feel is most comfortable.

To read more about brakes and touring bikes, read our resource HERE.

The why:

– Perfect road bike lever for use with v-brakes or disc brakes

– Quite a comfortable shape and certainly the best shape out of all drop v-levers – although the shape could be refined

– Neat adjuster on the lever makes it easier to undo brake cables

The why not:

– The rubber grip splits after a years use (heavy usage)

– Slightly narrower design than most other levers (and in my opinion less comfortable)


$60 USD

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