Review: Schmidt SON28 Dynamo Hub

For us, there was no other option other than Schmidt for our front dynamo hub. The experience and reputation that this company has built is almost legendary amongst long distance bicycle tourers.

Schmidt son 28 dynamo hub review

Schmidt hubs are known to be more waterproof than all other dynamo hubs, and given the 40000km+ our two Schmidt hubs have covered in their lifetime, we can attest to this.

The why:

– Arguably the best dynamo hub on the market for bicycle touring

– Beautifully made and designed

– Five year warranty

– Possibly the most weatherproof dynamo hub available, it is not expected to need servicing for 50000km!

The why not:

– More costly than all other options

– No on/off switch, which is available with other manufacturers


$200 USD

Similar products:

– Supernova

– Shutter Precision


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