Review: Supernova E3 Pro Dynamo Lights

We visited Supernova when we passed through Germany and were super impressed with the whole line of production, everything from the company philosophy, to the product design, to the workmanship. We believe that Supernova make the best dynamo lighting systems around (especially the E3 Pro2 asymmetrical lamp), and if you do ever run into a problem, you will be helped out by the friendly staff anywhere in the world. Great peace of mind.

The why:

– A super bright wide beam (asymmetrical front lamp) which is perfect for bicycle touring, day and night

– Small, yet incredibly bright rear lamp (brightest we've owned)

– Beautifully made and come in nice colours!

– 100% waterproof (it literally works submerged under water)

– Five minute stand light

– Great customer service

– Super quick warranty replacements!

The why not:

– Quite a pricey unit

– We managed to get water in our older model which rusted up our internals, however it was replaced within days (and we were in Azerbaijan!)

– We used the E3 Triple lamp but found the beam to be too narrow to be any use for bicycle touring


$210 USD (E3 Pro2 Lamp) and $60 USD (E3 Tail light 2)

Similar products:

– Schmidt Edelux


  1. Did you ever compare it with the Edelux? Similar, or better? I looked at Koga Miyata signature, and they give the Edelux only, no option for the Supernova.

  2. I’ve only used the Edelux on a short ride and definitely found it comparable to the E3 Pro2. The main difference comes in the beam pattern; the E3 seems a bit better at projecting light in the first 3m, especially down either side of the wheel. One reason to use the Edelux over the E3 is that it is a fair bit lighter in weight if that’s a concern!

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