Review: Tubus Tara Front Rack

The Tubus Tara front rack has got to be the best rack around. It’s lightweight, it’s stiff and it will last a lifetime – just asked anyone who’s completed a round the world trip.

Setting the Tara up takes time; you’ll want to get the pannier rail running parallel to the ground. You can adjust the rail’s angle by using any of the three mid-mount holes. I’ve found that the best lower mounting points are the eyelets on the front of the fork dropouts. Once you’ve got the rack fitted up well, taking your panniers on and off is very easy. I’ve managed to use the Ortlieb Backroller bags on this front rack with no issues at all.

Tubus Tara front rack review


– It’s the finest front rack ever made and the most popular amongst long distance bicycle tourers
– Super stiff design (you won’t feel any rack flex)
– Steel tubes make repairing the rack possible
– Mudguard eyelets are built into the rack so that it doesn’t interfere with your mudguard setup
– Clears disc brake calipers
– The rack almost folds flat, making it great for plane travel
– Very lightweight compared to other front rack options

Tubus Tara front rack review

Why Not?

– The steel tube that loops over the front wheel (connecting both sides) interferes with fork bridge mounted front lights
– Rust will occur after your panniers have scratched off the paint

Tubus Tara front rack review

Similar Products

– Tubus Duo rack
– Tubus Cosmo (made from stainless steel for those afraid of rust)
– Surly Nice rack


  1. Another “Why not” for me for the Tubus front racks are the mid-fork eyelets needed. I don’t have them. So either I need to take my frame to a specialist, or choose some different racks, that work without those eyelets.
    On my back I have a Tubus Cargo for 10 years. Rust is a problem, I wish it had been stainless steel, or built into the frame like Tout Terrain does.
    However, I don’t understand why is all this hype about racks, for me it’s not rocket science to make a metal frame that holds lots 40kg. When I was a child, we used to carry up to 50-60 kilo of fruit on our no-name bikes, just in plastic buckets, hanging on the racks and the front. These bikes are still going strong.

    Did you look into Old Man Mountain racks?


    I found on forums that many people are happy with Old Man Mountain front racks and consider it to be similar quality to Tubus. These attach to the hub-axle and to the V-break’s bolts. But they also sell add-ons to work without those or eyelets.

  2. Hi Olee

    You are correct in stating that many forks available don’t have mid-mount eyelets, however almost all touring specific bikes (especially in the past five years) will have this as a feature. A good work around is the 12€ Tubus low rider mounting kit if need be. Lowrider mounted racks dramatically improve the handling of bikes, especially when they are set up with a lot of weight up front. http://www.tubus.com/documents/1321272002_Tara.pdf

    We’ve heard many good things about the Old Man Mountain racks, although the idea of using aluminium for a heavily-used/heavily-laden rack does not seem appealing, after breaking so many racks (albeit much cheaper) before getting a Tubus.


  3. Used many Tara lowriders during fifteen years and must ad that it comes with anti-scuff stickers that extend the life of the powder-coat. Surface rust is not structural and actually protect the steel. The most notable shortcoming, and something the reviewer missed, is the rather limited anti-sway support of the panniers. It could be improved when used with the lower bolt on hook mount together and the Ortlieb QL-1 flat elastic hook strap. Unfortunately they are not available on newer Tara & Ortlieb bags!
    Hey Olee22, Tubus offer both a bolt on mid mount adapter and a overpriced hose clamp that may put a dent in the fork leg. For a wide OS mtb fork I find a $7 diy version worked much better. Used quality hose clamps, folded a strip of steel timber restraint strap around it with holes, fitted the Tara with a hex bolt from the inside and used a lock nut to lock it, and put a piece of thick leather inside to protect the paint.

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