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Is This Saddlebag Sway Stabilizer The Perfect Solution For Bikepacking Bags?

When it comes to bikepacking bags, many of you will probably agree that ‘saddlebag sway’ is one of the more irritating traits.

We’ve seen all kinds of solutions, such as bags supplied with mini racks (Porcelain Rocket, Arkel, Specialized), internal metal reinforcement (Ortlieb), rail ‘wings’ (Bedrock Designs) and specially-designed drybag and rack setups (PDW).

While these stabilized bags undoubtedly work at reducing tail wag, perhaps there is a simple solution for all other models?

The Woho Saddlebag Sway Stabilizer

Woho has come up with a rather simple aluminium stabilizing bracket, which I think you’ll agree is pretty damn neat. Mounting on the saddle rails it cradles either side of your saddlebag and keeps it in check. It’s barely noticeable when you have a saddlebag in place!

saddlebag sway

Not only does the stabilizing bracket work its magic with the bag, it provides 2x triathlon-style bottle cage mounts. There’s a chance you’ll have lost some of your bottle space inside your frame to a full frame bag, so this could be the perfect storage location for water. Or maybe you were looking for extra water storage anyway? Simply bolt your favourite cages on and off you go.

And if you don’t need the additional cages, don’t use ’em. Simple.

The mount measures 15cm L x 12cm W x 10cm H (5.9″ x 4.7″ x 4.0″) so it may not necessarily fit all saddlebags depending on the bag width just behind the saddle. I’d suggest it should fit most, however. The Woho Stabilizer adds only 77g (0.17lb) to your bike’s weight, bringing your non-stabilized bag setup in line with most of the already stabilized options anyway.

You can get these anti sway bars from the Woho Online Store for US $20. Shipping will possibly match the value of the product depending on the region, so I’d recommend finding a friend to go in with you.

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  1. How long until someone introduces a bilateral low-centre-of-gravity super stable saddlebag system * ?

    *) AKA rack & panniers.

    Just kidding

  2. I’ve been using Carradice saddlebags with the Nitto clamp and a lightweight rack underneath for decades, and they don’t wag or sway at all when I get out of the saddle. Plus the larger ones can hold enough to obviate the need for any other bags. Two-thirds of the way up Mt Hotham with a Carradice Camper Longflap.

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