Survey Results for CyclingAbout.com

Thanks for taking part in CyclingAbout.com's first survey. It was really interesting to see how you find our website and the content.

It seems only fair now to produce some of the results.

Where are you from?

– 55% of you were our friends (thanks guys!) or found us through someone else. We secretly would've liked a more random sample, but I guess friends look after friends, right?

– 25% found us on Google

– 10% found us on Facebook or Twitter

You're weekly readers

Most people seem to visit our site weekly. This is great considering we don't post more than a few articles a week.

Most people surveyed follow us on Facebook

We will do our best to keep Facebook the centre point of the latest information. But you have to promise to check our page regularly as we won't be in your feed as often as we'd like. Our pictures and updates posted on Facebook hit about 50% of you… you busy lot.

Those who use the email subscription and Twitter updates will still be getting this information, don't you worry.

We get it…

According to the survey, you want more videos, more blog posts about our trip and more information about the countries we travel through.

We can guarantee you will get this.

You want less reviews and less about the bicycle touring basics.

You can't have this.

We feel that this information might be a bit skewed by the fact that our friends made up a majority of the results. We actually get most of our website traffic from Google (96%), and the most read pages are our reviews and bike touring articles!

Blog posts are the least read information on our website.

Site improvements and Feedback

Those who completed the survey were unfortunately not very good at giving criticism. We need you to drill us, damn you.

But on the plus side we got a hell of a lot of positive information from all over the globe – thank you so much. We really do thrive on website hits, likes, comments and feedback. The more, the merrier!

If some of you still haven't taken the survey…

Please do. We would love to hear more about you and what we can do to improve the site.

Remember that you can get in contact with us via Email or Facebook, so if you have something to say, please do!



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