Video: Alleykat Admires the Philippines (EP.9)

The Philippines are gifted with incredible scenery: beaches, jungles, mountains and interesting roads to cycle about on. The Philippino people are possibly more incredible – they are relentlessly positive and enthusiastic, friendly, generous, and to our surprise, are very well-spoken in English. We believe the Philippines is a great place to travel, particularly for those with a keen sense of adventure!

Edited in Pinnacle Studio for iPad, filmed on a Panasonic V700 camcorder.

  1. What a great video – you make me want to go there! There are so many wonderful people all over the world, but these people, in the face of such hardship, to be so positive and kind – what fabulous people!
    I’m so glad you went there to help.

  2. Behind the surface of the Filipino’s friendliness to foreigners lies a basic spirit of beggary. There’s little difference between the Filipino children begging in the streets and your average Filipino smiling and staring, they all want something from you, and that is money. Your white skin and blonde hair mean only one thing to them: wealth. You have it, they don’t, and they want it so, so much. So of course many of them are going to ma’am, sir you and lie rather than admit they don’t know, and other nonsense. Other will be surly. And don’t underestimate the criminal element from your basic street robber to the corrupt police and government.

  3. We feel that this, although maybe true to your experience, is not how we felt during our time in the Philippines. Begging was of course a daily occurrence in larger towns/cities, and children do come up to you asking for money, but in general the hospitality towards us, as cycle tourists, was incredibly positive and genuine. Regarding crime, we agree that you should be vigilant in populated areas.

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