Video: Alleykat’s Australia (EP.15)

We had cycled 30,000km across Europe, Central Asia, East Asia and South-East Asia, and were finally in our homeland, Australia! It was big, laid back and beautiful; just how we remembered it. Unfortunately, our plans to ride all the way home to Melbourne didn’t work out, so we’ll save the rest for another time. 🙂

Edited in Pinnacle Studio for iPad, filmed on a Panasonic V700 camcorder.

  1. Great closure for your trip! Thanks for keeping us posted – and congrats
    for the quality and content of the videos, I loved them!

  2. Otherwise, I’d be interested in an article or video reflecting about your 2 year experience. Because I followed your trip, and got “snapshots” about what’s going on, and now, as a whole. I can propose three questions.

    What stands out the most for you?
    What did you learn about yourself?
    What is your key takeaway of your trip?

  3. You could also write about what happens when you are back! How to reintegrate to life? What to do with the experience? Nobody writes about that…

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