bicycle touring japan

Video: Bicycle Touring Japan // The Japan Long Haul

Japan is a bit of cyclist’s paradise! It’s geographically gifted, the people and culture are intriguing and the food is incredible. After bicycle touring Japan for a month and covering 2500km from Tokyo to Hokkaido, let us tell you if the northernmost island is all it’s cracked up to be!

– Music is selected from a Bluestaeb DJ Set
– More on my Curve Belgie Spirit titanium road bike and Aevon KIT L80 trailer setup HERE
– My complete 12kg gear list for a month in Japan is HERE
– Our route: Tokyo to Hokkaido and the Hokkaido Loop

bicycle touring japan

  1. As we were camping most of the time, we were using supermarkets which tend to be very cheap. During the day we ate out of convenience stores which were also reasonably priced. So, yes!

  2. Nice work Alee, with your knowledge and connection maybe you should start a cycling tour company 🙂

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