Video: CyclingAbout The Americas // Southern Patagonia [EP.1]

WIND. MOUNTAINS. HIKING. NATURE. Southern Patagonia is a tough place for cyclists… especially if you’re heading north to Alaska. This is the first episode of my 2-year bike tour up towards North America. Subscribe to find out about what other trouble I get myself into! 😂😂😂

MY BIKE: Koga WorldTraveller Signature
MY GEAR LIST: My 25kg of stuff
ROUTE: *Gpx file coming soon*

Clem Beatz
Kutmah DJ Set

southern patatonia
The view towards Monte Fitz Roy.

  1. Why Alee… are you cycling in all black/grey… your clothes, panniers, bike? In bad/grey weather, and on roads with motorized traffic, drivers may not see you until the last moment 🙁 Whatever, be sure you’ve got many fans.
    Happy touring.

  2. Ya, very stylish, in a German/Swiss kinda way but… of course black/grey is the perfect foil for some flashes of bright orange or lime green..

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