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Video: Snow Fixie Tour // Any Bike Is A Touring Bike

Cycling was starting to feel a bit easy, so I decided to go for a winter fixie tour to check out the snow in the mountains outside Melbourne, Australia. The beauty of touring on inappropriate bikes in inappropriate places is that it proves that adventures are not AT ALL about the bike.

Music: Chris Zabriskie “Cylinder Eight” and Ghosts “Grief and Sleep”
Trailer: Aevon KIT L80
Thanks: To my friend Sando for joining in on the inappropriate ride, and to the guy at the pub who bought us beers for arriving on our bikes.

fixie tour


  1. It’s cheating! A real fixie must NOT have brakes :-b Take example upon Patrick Seabase and his climb to the col du Galibier (2642 m) in the French Alps, with a… 47/17, on a track bike. The most impressive part being the descent…


    Seriously now, congratulations, this is really impressive. And I agree, any bike is for touring. I daresay however that you pay somewhat less attention to the landscape when you climb a steep road with a fixie 😉

  2. I’ve done my fair share of brakeless riding! I wish I could do a trip like this without brakes, but I really don’t think it would’ve been possible. Many of the gradients were over 20%, there were lots of corrugations approaching corners, plus I had the loaded trailer behind. Stopping would’ve been nigh on impossible!

  3. I still found it worth the thought! Expensive bikes are not absolutely an oversell, but still, fitness is the most important aspect for long rides.

  4. Ha ! It seemed strangely familiar-been there many times. Woods Point is my favourite hide-out in Vic, to get there, make a fire, drink “my” water from “my” creek there, sleep on the bench or in some tent-love that place.

  5. Couple months ago, me and wife cycled some 70-80km and I decided to crank “slowly”…no problem. Than pain in my knees for 2 weeks or so. When you are very young and very fit-you can climb mountains on fixie and your knees will restore (or you think they did).
    But years later-different story and it is too late to be wiser-surgery and titanium inserts…
    When we are very young and very fit-it is easier to be a hero rather than to be wise.

  6. You’re right – I’m lucky I can get away with it now. I definitely prefer to spin up all the climbs though. I put low gear ratios on all my touring bikes to make sure I can spin at at least 60 RPM on any gradient I come across. This is much easier on my muscles and better on the joints. I’m pretty careful with my body and health generally, I’d love to still be cycling north of 80 years old!

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