Week in Pictures: 21-27 March 2013

Alleykat have been riding into the wind along a Georgian Valley with 3000m mountains both sides. We've really enjoyed our time on the bike, but due to a series of unfortunate events are still a bit dubious about Georgian hospitality (compared with Turkish) and definitely don't like cheap Georgian wine! Yuck.
Which limo would you choose to travel around the world?
Georgia has some really impressive national parks and protected areas - in fact, we are right now off for a few internet-free days in the Borjomi-Kharagauli national park! This cave image is from Sataplia nature reserve. 🙂
Five days without internet! What have we been doing? We've been: staying warm in a log cabin with a big fireplace at a national park in the mountains, writing about Turkey and tandems, riding the worst road of the trip so far (average speed 7km/h), backgammon, eating yummy Georgian food, avoiding Georgian vodka and wine, headwinds and watching the snow fall. It's really cold and we hope to be in Tbilisi tonight!
More images from our tandem adventure along a road with steep muddy climbs, knee deep puddles, snow, ice and jagged potholes. Riding this road required supreme teamwork - Kat was to deliver consistent power and would have to move with the bike, Alex had to pick the best lines and wrestle the heavy load! We have now acquired the skills to ride any road in the world!
We are sitting in Tbilisi, Georgia on our new friends Anna and Yana's balcony overlooking the unexpected Eurasian character of the Old City buildings. We found our way here through a fellow traveller we met on the road, who gave us a phone number to call when we arrived in Tbilisi. Five minutes after calling and we're whisked to the top floor and are being looked after so well! Thank you Anna, Yana, Chris and the universe!!!


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