2019 Touring Bicycle Buyers Guide

The 2019 Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide Is Now Available

For the last two months, I’ve been busy emailing bike manufacturers, inputting information into my database, crunching numbers and editing the latest update to the 2019 Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide. There have been many bikes disappear from the list of options this year, but SO many more added – overall, the book has received a 25% increase in bike options.

2019 Touring Bicycle Buyer's Guide

As a result of this update, I’ve written an article on the biggest touring bike trends for 2019, including:
– The wide adoption of stack/reach sizing
– 20% less traditional touring bikes
– 40% more off-road touring bikes
– 60% more light touring bikes
– Carbon touring bikes
– Clearance for wider tyres across all categories
– More ‘reach’ for off-road touring bikes
– Slower steering speeds for off-road touring bikes
– Faster steering speeds for light touring bikes
– Reduced gear range

It’s always so fascinating to see what brands are doing with their bikes each year. For 2019, touring bikes have become more capable, they’re better optimised for different uses (eg. off-road) and they’re sized much more appropriately. With more options than ever, it has honestly never been a better time to be in the market for one.

You can get your copy of the 2019 Touring Bicycle Buyer’s Guide HERE.

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