Alleykat’s Radio Interview for TBS Korea

We were given a chance to do a feature length interview with TBS radio in Seoul, Korea – so we jumped on the opportunity!

In the interview we were asked questions like:

– Do you have a goal per day?

– Does it cost a lot of money to do a world tour?

– Where does the idea of the trip come from?

– How much money did you spend on your bike?

– What are some of the challenges of travelling with a tandem bike?

– Is language barrier an issue?

– How much research did you do for you trip?

– Do you have any tips for others thinking of doing a world trip on a bike?

– Is the trip ever mentally challenging?

– Is there a expectation from followers to do your blog entries when you don't want to?

– What are your future goals right now?

We hope you enjoy it!

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