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Kat is an excitable, intense, energetic and love-filled cat. On her second bike tour ever, she rode 31,000km across 30 countries from Europe to Australia. It's absolutely her pleasure to over-share her experiences, learnings, teachings and emotions from the road!
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Asia LP: Track 7 (Thailand)

Homeward Bound Thailand helped us clamber into its warm embrace from the word go: a Thai gentleman helped…
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Asia LP: Track 4 (Cambodia)

Some lessons of Cambodia are learned the hard way Our iPhone and wallet were stolen on our second…
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Asia LP: Track 2 (Japan)

Boats and Couches Yep, there we were on the last day of October, admittedly kind of expecting an…
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Asia LP: Track 1 (South Korea)

Zooming through the air we were glad to be seeing the last of airports and third-world conditions for…
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Girls: Use a GoGirl to Stay Standing

Defined with the lovely initialisation ‘FUD’: Female Urination Devices are a funnel-like beauties used precisely as they’re prescribed…