Bicycle Touring Infographic: 121 Cyclists + their Bikes, Trips and Websites

One year ago, Mads Phikamphon from IceBike.org contacted me about immortalising my recent big trip from Europe to Australia in an infographic. I hastily filled in his questionnaire with basic details of the multi-year ride and was told that the graphic will probably take between one and two months to complete…

Having not heard from Mads in almost one year, I assumed that the task at hand must have been too great. Life can sometimes gets in the way of big projects – I’ve certainly experienced that before. But just yesterday, I received an email from Mads saying the infographic was now complete! And wow, how great does it look?! I wasn’t expecting 121 different bicycle travellers to be incorporated in the graphic. Amazing work Mads!

Ryan Ross has written some wise words about who can bike tour, how you can prepare and why you should bike tour. He also talks about managing regrets and expectations and how to set goals which I think you will find really interesting.

Check out IceBike.org for more cycling infographics and other cycling articles.

Bicycle Touring InfoGraphic

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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ikl0tCnRqsU
    Elias Rosa ! Ciclista brasileño, lo conocí en 2014 en el sur argentino, yo viajaba en bici con mi novia. Llevaba en esa epoca 17 años de viaje y más de 500.000 km, su sueño era hacer 1 millon de kilometros !
    Hay muchisimos mas viajeros de sudamerica, y no les están dando importancia !

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