Do You Prefer A Bikepacking Or Bike Touring Set Up? – Interview With Alee Denham

I’ve just published a 30-min interview on YouTube with a bit more insight into my crazy life! You’ll hear my backstory, why I cycle with panniers, what my favourite memories are and more!

I’ve timestamped the whole thing so you can pick and choose the questions you want to hear answered.

1:51 How long are you currently travelling?
2:19 Are you stopping to work on your blog and make videos?
3:47 How long have you been vegan for?
4:45 How did you get started with veganism?
6:56 When and how did you get into bicycle travel?
9:04 Questions about Europe-Australia bike tour
11:10 If you had to choose, would you pick a bikepacking or bike touring set up?
14:21 Do you think it’s important to cycle alone?
15:46 What are your favourite memories or highlights?
18:07 Do you have tips for someone starting out?
19:47 What do you do with regards to saddles and padded shorts?
21:36 Is the CyclingAbout blog a full-time thing for you?
25:31 What are the best way a traveller can give back to the communities they pass through?
27:47 How would you sum up your life philosophy?
29:50 After you finish your trip, what are your plans?

Alee Denham Interview

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