Our First Blog Post

I guess there always had to be a first.

I will leave the introduction of who we are to the ABOUT US section of this website. So please hit up that information before thinking, “hey, those guys rudely didn’t introduce themselves in their first blog post”. We DID ok. Well, technically you’re right, BUT it’s your fault for not reading ABOUT US section anyway.

This is what we look like, just in case you missed the one above AND couldn't be bothered going to the about us section...

So… blogging, hey.

The plan is to keep a log of Alleykat’s adventures around the globe. It is here that you will see the stories, the updates, the highs, the lows, where we are situated, the preparation, what we’ve learnt, what our mistakes have been, how we’re feeling, what we look like, what we know and more.

So sit back, relax, let us take you on our journey and don’t forget to provide feedback and questions about anything that pops up here!

May the winds be behind you

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