Heinz Stücke Talks About His 50 Year Bike Tour Through 196 Countries (Podcast)

This lengthy episode of the Bike Tour Adventures Podcast is an interview with Heinz Stücke.

Starting in November of 1962 at the age of 22, Heinz rode out of his town on a 3-speed bicycle with a general plan to see the world. He would ultimately travel over 600,000km by bicycle in a journey spanning nearly 50 years and covering enough distance to circumnavigate the world 15 times around.

Heinz Stücke in the rainforest of the Central African Republic (~1980).

Never giving up on his beloved bike, it had been stolen and recovered five times and welded 16 times. Heinz lives by the motto “Be carefree – Be Mad – Be a little bit bad. It’s the unknown around the corner that turns my wheel.”

By the end of the tour, Heinz had cycled through 196 countries and 86 territories.

Heinz Stücke’s map after 50 years of travel by bicycle.

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